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--Hey everyone, Kevin here. This site is badly in need of an update and redesign. It may take a bit of time, so bear with me as we get that process going. Meanwhile, just know that I am continuing to work on my new album CLEAR THE WAY. And I hope you all will attend my biggest TRIBUTE TO NEIL YOUNG concert ever, with Shakey Deal, on Friday, Nov. 11, at 8 p.m. Details and ticket info here:

--Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic were two legendary DJs back in the glory days of KSHE radio in the 70s. Among other things, they now host an internet show called OnStl ( Kevin recently appeared on the show to talk about his activities since "Up in the Air," including the increasing popularity of the song "Figure Out." Just go to the OnStl site and look for the UP IN THE AIR graphic. Click on it to hear the interview.

--Though achieving "runner up" status in past contests, Kevin has won his first songwriting award from the Akademia Music Awards, the "Song of the Month" honor for January in the Rock/Folk category for "Figure Out." Here is a link to that special designation:

--Work has been continuing on CLEAR THE WAY. Kevin is at the mixing stage for the romantic tune "If We Can Keep Dancing," for which he brought in St. Louis harp player Terri Langerak to lend her talents. You'll get to hear it soon!

--The rankings on internet music sites such as ReverbNation and N1M are always mysterious and ever-changing, but Kevin has been showing up in the top 10 with increasing frequency. For the first time, in fact, he's reached #1 on the St. Louis singer/songwriter chart for ReverbNation. Check out his page there at

--Shakey Deal's biggest rock show ever will be at the Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL on Sat., Jan. 9 at 8:30 p.m. Go to for info about tickets, etc.

--Kevin will be appearing on the internet talk show "Hello St. Louis" on Thurs., Jan. 14. Go to to find out when you can watch the interview. All the various upcoming projects will be discussed!

--Several new songs have been written but not recorded. Titles include "You Broke My Heart (In a Thousand Pieces)," "Scared of This River," and "Dumb as a Rock." As far as actual new recordings, a demo has been laid down of the love song "Go In Peace," and a session is scheduled to complete another romantic tune, "If We Can Keep Dancing."

--People don't always peruse websites the way they used to. Direct communication is perhaps the best way to find out what Kevin is up to, since there are tons of things. Just email him at

--The reconstituted Neil Young tribute band SHAKEY DEAL, which Kevin formed in 2010, had a fantastic reception at the Public House Brewing Company in St. James, Missouri, on Nov. 7. The band has its first headlining gig at the popular Sky Music Lounge in Ballwin on Friday, Nov. 20 at 9:30 p.m., which will serve as a slightly late 70th birthday celebration for the legendary Mr. Young. Cover is $5 at the door. They will also return to the Public House on Sat., Dec. 7th.

--Details should be finalized soon for an energetic re-recording of Kevin's famous "Up In The Air" tune for a music video featuring rising starlet Stacey Hanephin. This is an exciting project and we are just awaiting the official confirmation.

--Kevin will appear on the "John and Kane" show on on Wed., Aug. 5 at 10:00 a.m. Besides the usual banter with the lively hosts, the show will be the first chance to hear the recording of "Promise Man," a song from Kevin's forthcoming release CLEAR THE WAY.

--We mourn the passing of Post-Dispatch film critic Joe Williams, who died in a single-car accident on Sunday, July 26. Joe was the first local writer to discuss Kevin's "Up in the Air" song when it first landed in Jason Reitman's movie. He was also an outstanding movie reviewer and beloved local figure. He will be sorely missed.

--Speaking of "Up in the Air," a new blogsite called "A Film A Day" talks about that film and more, and gives a shout-out to Kevin's song. You can check out the UITA portion of the page here:

--An interesting blog entitled "30 Songs to Beat the Unemployment Blues" features Kevin's "Up in the Air" song prominently. You can read this fascinating piece right here:

--Kevin has finished a new song called "Gotta Make the Blues Go Away." This one has been percolating for a while, and it is pretty much a straight-up blues type song, heavily influenced by Neil Young.

--The song "Figure Out" earned an official "Semi-finalist" status for Kevin in the popular "Song of the Year" competition. This result is preserved on a page of its own, which you can take a look at here:

--Kevin is actively looking for spring and summer gigs, so if you have a suggestion or offer in that regard, send an email to:

--The new album continues its slow, slow journey to completion. Kevin has finished two more tracks, a ballad partially inspired by his late friend Rick Haegg, which is called "Grateful." This will be the first song Kevin has recorded playing the keyboards entirely by himself. Also finished: a highly experimental and evocative sound collage meant to convey something personal about Kevin's journey. It is titled "Prologue: The #5 Dreamtrain Arrives At The Station Late, and Damaged." An instrumental recorded with Andrea Morse, titled "Mousie Goes Scampering," is close to being completed.

--Kevin has been hard at work on the new album, "Clear the Way," which is now projected to have 14 tracks on it. The cover art is finalized (you can see it on the home page of the site), and things are going well. Release date is most likely to be the second week of January 2015.
--The single "Rescue Them," about the issue of lost or abandoned pets, is now available on iTunes and at A limited number of physical copies were also produced; see the home page for details. Tony LaRussa's ARF charity has received a copy of the song and may use it in conjunction with some of their fundraising activities.
--The death in early October of Kevin's friend in Springfield, Lou Whitney, was a loss of indescribable proportions. Kevin had dreamed of having Lou produce an album for him, but it's not to be. Two tracks, however, were far enough along to finish, and the studio session to accomplish this will take place in Springfield on Nov. 10 at Lou Whitney's old Studio. Both tracks include drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks, Brian Capps on standup bass and Kevin's friend Rick Haegg on lead guitar. Sadly, Rick has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer as Whitney had been, making the Springfield projects much more challenging and melancholy. Kevin has written a heartfelt tribute to Mr. Whitney, which you can read here:
--Kevin has appeared on the "John and Kane Show" on numerous times, and his appearance on Oct. 10, in addition to being truly humorous, featured the radio premiere of "Rescue Them." You can listen to a podcast of the show right here:
--Kevin's last regular performance of 2014 will be a duo show with songwriter/harmonica player Jeff Viers at the Stone Spiral Coffeehouse in Maplewood, MO on Friday, Nov. 21. The show is being being advertised as the "Attitude and Gratitude" holiday songfest. See more details on the Upcoming Performances page.

--Sometimes things change faster than you're prepared for. That has been the case for Kevin over these past few months. The scoop on recordings is this: the Springfield album that was planned has been delayed due to multiple circumstances beyond Kevin's control. The good news is that another album has taken shape and is now being recorded at several different studios in St. Louis. The album is to be called CLEAR THE WAY, and will likely feature 11 tracks, including "Promise Man," "Girlfriends," "Fast and Off" and the long-hidden title track, an epic about the dour state of the world. As for the Mom project, "Our Mother's House," work will continue on that for a planned spring 2015 release. Two missing tracks that were vital to the flow of the album have been found and are now safely stored in Adam Long's studio. Stay tuned for progress on both these albums, with CLEAR THE WAY definitely scheduled for release this fall.

--Kevin recently appeared on 1380 the X AM Extreme Talk Radio, for their excellent new show Face the Music STL. He performed live with harmonica player Jeff Viers and enjoyed some lively chat. Hopefully there will be a podcast of this show available soon for those who missed it.

--The Ozark Theatre in Webster Groves, MO, a beautiful and historic building, is now under the booking aegis of the former Robbie's House of Jazz in Webster. They are not limiting their future shows to just jazz, however, and Kevin has booked Friday, Oct. 3 for his 6th Anniversary Show. Tix are available from or The show will commence at 8 p.m. and will feature an intimate selection of songs.

--August marks 5 years since Kevin first learned his song "Up in the Air" was chosen to be the title song for Jason Reitman's Oscar-nominated film. It's hard to believe it's been that long; in fall of 2009, various festivals featuring the film generally drew positive responses, and the film garnered an amazing amount of attention, besides serving as Kevin's entry into the music business. Check out UP IN THE AIR if you haven't seen it yet, and keep your DVD player on through the closing credits, when Kevin's song appears.

--Kevin has written a new song called "Rescue Them," a topical song about animal rescue that will be recorded at a top studio in St. Louis and submitted to a soon to be named charity organization. This is an amazing opportunity for Kevin's music to reach a new, wider audience, with subject matter dear to the hearts of thousands of people. Stay tuned for details.

--Work continues on two simultaneous albums. Kevin has been in the studio preparing tracks for "Our Mother's House," the long-planned Mom-themed recording. A complex track called "Mom in the Ether" is entering the rough mix stage, and another called "The Letters They Wrote" is near completion. Meanwhile, a pair of tracks have commenced down in Springfield with Lou Whitney. These are "Down That Endless Highway" and "Just Movin' On." Kevin's pal Brian Capps plays on both, which he is thrilled about.

--We are proud to announce that Kevin's first music video, the Wolfgang Lehmkuhl-lensed "Goodbye, Typewriter" has been accepted into the Wizard World Film Festival (i.e. St. Louis Comic Con 2014). The video will screen for the Festival sometime between 3 and 5 p.m on Saturday, April 5. This is a truly great honor, and it means the video will be seen by many more people than might otherwise be possible. Here is a link to information on attending Wizard World:     If the video wins an award, it could be a game changer! Wish us luck!

--Don't forget to check out Kevin's new internet blog. You can read it at

--Kevin has been playing some music with an acoustic group called The Purple of Distance. No permanent commitment yet, just both sides having fun and playing some popular tunes. Look for them to do some shows at the Creve Coeur Lakehouse this spring and summer.

--Please try to contribute to the Indie Go Go campaign, which now has less than a month to raise the money to record this Mom project and its companion album. The details on the IGG site are very clear, and the perks are wonderful, including several ways to honor your own mom through this project. Check it out here:

--The most important step in Kevin's career so far may be the just-launched funding campaign to record two new albums, one of which is the long-planned "Mom project," called OUR MOTHER'S PLACE. Those who follow this site know that Kevin was planning a musical tribute to his late mother even before "Up In The Air" happened, but timing and circumstances took things in other directions. Now, that album is finally under way, but Kevin will need help from crowd funding, via Indie Go Go, to make it happen. A second album is also going to be recorded in Springfield with legendary producer Lou Whitney. This will be a more loose, rocking album, the counterpart to the Mom project. Please contribute if you can, and you'll enjoy all sorts of unique perks if you do. You can contribute any amount from $5 to $1000. Read about the campaign and learn how to contribute by going here:

--A burst of creative energy has resulted in several brand new songs being completed in the last few weeks. These include "Little Moments," a song for OUR MOTHER'S PLACE, and two songs slated for the Springfield album, "Just Movin' On" and "Deranged Indeed."

--Not since 2010 has Kevin kept up a regular blog. In tandem with the Indie Go Go campaign, Kevin has launched a fresh new blog to discuss songwriting, the ups and downs of music making, and the particulars of these two upcoming records. Please read and follow the blog if you want to know what's going on in Renick's music life. Go here:

--If you are in the Rolla area, come hear the Kevin Renick Band party down for St. Patrick's Day at the esteemed and atmospheric Pub House Brewing Company, 600 N. Rolla St., on Sat., March 15 at 8 p.m. It's going to be a fantastic show! Find more information about this fine venue here:

--Kevin is proud to announce the release of his first-ever music video! It's a whimsical, atmospheric film to accompany the song "Goodbye, Typewriter" and it was created by St. Louis director Wolfgang Lehmkuhl. Here's the URL:
Please check out the video, and let us know what you think. Share with friends!

--Under The Wishing Tree, Kevin's latest CD which includes the above-mentioned "Typewriter" song, is at long last available for digital download. You can get it here from CD Baby:
or from iTunes here:
Check out this evocative collection of original songs if you haven't done so yet. And leave a review at CD Baby; we love that sort of thing!

--The first live show of the new year will be, fittingly, at a brand-new venue called The Engine Room, 7700 Ivory in south St. Louis. The Kevin Renick Band will play from 8-11 p.m., and the cover is only $5. Come have some fun with the band that night!

--This autumn, Kevin is happy to be celebrating his five-year anniversary as a performing musician. There are numerous significant shows booked to mark the occasion: two Neil Young tribute shows on Sept. 28 (Sky Music Lounge) and Nov. 9 (the Ivory Theatre), acoustic duo shows on Oct. 9 (Tavern of Fine Arts for the "So...Stories of Live" extravaganza) with Ted Moniak and a Halloween-themed show on Sat., Oct. 27 at the new Feraro's Pizza location in south city, with Rick Hocks. The biggest show of all will be the 5-Year Anniversary Concert itself, on Sat., Oct. 12, at the refurbished and spanking new Ozark Theatre in Webster Groves, 103 E. Lockwood. Kevin will pull out all the stops for this show and it will hopefully be recorded. You can find more details about the full autumn concert calendar on the "Upcoming Performances" page. Hard to believe it has been 5 years since those humble, hopeful early days at the Grove Deli in Webster. But time has continued to pass, and the music has grown and flourished. We hope you fans will be able to attend some of these shows, and to help Kevin celebrate a real milestone in his creative life!

--Kevin has added quite a few new songs to his catalog since the last post. He's particularly proud of an expansive Pink Floyd-y kinda tune called "Sometimes A Season." Also new: "Fraidy Cat," "No Unhappy Girlfriend" and some tunes as yet untitled. Now if there were only an expanded recording budget to record the songs in a studio!

--Joe Williams of the Post Dispatch attended the annual Toronto Film Fest in September, and was kind enough to reminisce about his appearance there in 2009, when he first saw "Up in the Air" and heard Kevin's song. He mentions this and more in a nice writeup here:

--The 30th anniversary of Kevin's graduating class from Webster University (1983) is to be held the last weekend of September. Kevin will participate in the "Lightning Talks" from 2-4 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 28. You can read about the Webster alumnae participating in the event here:

--A copy of Under the Wishing Tree, Kevin's latest CD, was personally gifted to James Marsters, who played "Spike" on the legendary television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this past spring at St. Louis Comic-con. Kevin was absolutely thrilled to have a coupla minutes to chat with James, who is also a performing musician. No word on whether he added the CD to his regular playlist or not! But here's reminding y'all that copies of the self-released platter are still available for only $15 through this website. Ordering info is on the front page. Happy Autumn and upcoming Samhain, everyone!

--There's an interesting blog about "Movies with Title Songs" written by a guy named Jay Cluitt; Kevin's "Up in the Air" song is one of 10 that Cluitt singles out for attention. You can read his essay here:

--Indio, a lively web show hosted by Kane and John Launius, featured Kevin as a special guest in early March. Some excerpts were posted on YouTube; you can check out one of them here as Kevin's connection to Webster University is discussed: //

--Speaking of John and Kane, the merry duo are helping to promote the big Kevin Renick & Friends show at the Sky Music Lounge in Ballwin on Sat., May 18. Be sure to attend this early evening rockfest at West County's finest music venue! Show goes from 7-8:30, and cover is a mere $5. See the Upcoming Performances page for more info.

--May 15 will be Brian Eno's 65th birthday. Eno is one of Kevin's musical heroes and among his biggest influences; Kevin at one time had planned to write a book on Brian, but someone beat him to it. All hail the ambient wizard and brilliant sonic genius that is Eno!

--If you're wanting a wonderful house party the likes of which you'll never forget, why in the world haven't you contacted Kevin yet? Just send a request to He's available now, and will negotiate a fair price with you. Get in touch!

--A nice blog/interview about Kevin and the new CD was posted recently by Mexican writer/filmmaker Ricardo Zarate.  You can read both the (loosely) translated English version and the original article HERE.

--There's a positive and well-written review of Under the Wishing Tree on the Playback:STL website, written by Jennifer Manjarez. Jennifer says that "Every track fills you with tranquility, solace, or lightheartedness--a laid-back and serene sound."
Check it out here. This is the first published review of the new album, and we thank Playback sincerely.

--Kevin's Shakey Deal project, the Neil Young tribute band, will make their first appearance in Columbia, MO on Friday, Feb. 8. The venue is The Bridge (quite a coincidence, since that's not only the name of the school in California that Neil and his wife Pegi founded back in the 80s to help children with severe disabilities, but it's also the name of a track on Neil's 1973 recording Time Fades Away). Anyway, the show starts at 9 and the cover is a mere $5. The Bridge is located at 1020 E. Walnut St. Find out more info about the venue by calling 573-442-9645.

--Several new Renick compositions are on the verge of being finished. "How Will This Work Out?" is a Neil Young-style rocker about past regrets and guilt; "61 Minutes" is a bluesy rock song about how you can make enough time for blissful experiences if you extend yourself a bit; and "A Little or Less" is a melancholy ballad. Keep 'em coming, muse!

--Springfield, Missouri is a place Kevin keeps returning to time and again as he is fond of the town and has some strong musical connections there. Kevin will perform his first duo show with old friend Rick Haegg at 2nd Street Coffee in Ozark (just a few miles south of Springfield) on Sat., Feb. 16 from 7-9 p.m. More details on the "Upcoming Performances" page. There's no finer coffee shop or friendlier staff than Mingo and crew, who run this terrific outpost of atmosphere and good vibes.

--Shakey Deal, the Neil Young tribute band Kevin occasionally brings out into the public eye, played their first gig in a while at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room last night, an excellent venue for the ensemble. Songs performed included "Harvest Moon," "The Loner," "Vampire Blues," "Cortez the Killer," "Old Man," "Love To Burn" and "Get Back On It." There was a nice crowd for the event, which also included bluegrassy openers Elemental Shakedown. Any venue wishing to book Shakey Deal just needs to get in touch with Kevin at

--The cover is finished for Kevin's brand-new Under The Wishing Tree CD, and the disc is now available for ordering (release date is Dec. 4). See details on the front page. The CD release show will be at the Sky Music Lounge, 930 Kehrs Mill Rd. in Ballwin, on Sat., Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m.

--The Springfield News-Leader published a short article about Kevin's visit there in October to give a talk on songwriting and creative risk-taking for students at Ozark Technical Community College in Springfield, MO.  Kevin has strong ties to Springfield and will be back there for two shows on Dec. 14 (Springfield Brewing Co.) and 15 (2nd Street Coffee in Ozark). You can read the article here:

--As a lifelong ambient music lover, Kevin was distraught to hear the news of Pete Namlook's passing. Namlook (born Peter Kuhlmann) was a German electronica composer and producer who ran the legendary Fax label, and released literally hundreds of CDs in limited-edition runs on his label throughout the past 25 years. He was a singular influence in not only raising awareness of the vast potential of ambient music, but creating a diverse community of electronica artists who collaborated with him on groundbreaking recordings and widened the "niche market" ambient has tended to be consigned to. Namlook's vast body of work is well worth exploring for anyone even marginally interested in ambient electronica. Kevin dedicated the instrumental track "Sadlongia (Sold Again)" on his new CD to Mr. Namlook...

--Apologies to anyone who showed up at the Oct. 19 Grove Deli show expecting to actually experience a SHOW. Something unknown at this writing kept the restaurant from opening, so the show was cancelled. We hope to return to the Grove Deli later this fall after we figure out what happened. Stay tuned...

--Kevin's recent October jaunt took him to Bowling Green, KY; the Nashville Songwriter's Festival; and to Springfield, MO, where gave a talk on songwriting and creative rule-breaking, and played two gigs with Rick Haegg and Bob Jones. Special kudos to the staff and customers of 2nd Street Coffee in Ozark, MO, where the atmosphere was delightful and the whole evening was memorable and enriching. Anyone in the Springfield area should definitely check out this amazing and friendly establishment. Kevin hopes to return there to play very soon.

--Kevin had an unexpected opportunity to see his musical idol, Neil Young, performing with Crazy Horse at the Tulsa Convention Center on Oct. 14. The gig was spectacular and Neil's new songs were fantastic. Look for the release of Neil's new double CD with the Horse, "Psychedelic Pill," on Oct. 30.

--The November 2 Neil Young tribute show at the Ivory Theatre has been cancelled. The venue underwent a management change and live music is no longer part of the planned programming. Apologies to anyone who'd planned to attend this show; an alternate venue for a different day is being sought.

--Kevin is embarking on a mini-tour outside Missouri this fall, with two legs: one in September and one in October. The shows in September include stops at Cool Beanz Coffeehouse in Rock Island, IL on Sept. 6, Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa on the 7th, Java Creek Cafe in Cedar Rapids on the 8th, and the legendary 400 Bar in Minneapolis, MN on Sept. 9th. There is more info about these shows on the "Upcoming Performances" page; if you live near those cities, please attend if you can!

--Basic recording for the new CD "Under the Wishing Tree" is complete, and the songs are now being mixed, with mastering to be handled by Brad Sarno in mid-September. The final track list looks to be as follows:
1. Out of the Cage (Part One)
2. The Box It Comes In
3. There For My Life
4. Goodbye, Typewriter (Adamanna Mix)
5. Feeling My Way
6. Black On Blue
7. Ramshackle
8. Song Of Longing
9. Sad Song #217
10. Here and Clear
11. Ballad of the American Farmer
12. Cry, Hope, Lose, Sleep, Repeat
13. Figure Out
14. Lost Time
15. Out of the Cage (Part Two)
16. Sadlongia (Sold Again)

Pre-orders for the disc are now being accepted; simply send $15 check or money order to: Kevin Renick, PO Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131. Or you can Paypal your payment to: The disc will be sent to you no later than Nov. 1. A limited edition 4-song mini-disc will be included for the first 100 buyers; it'll include the full 14-minute version of "Sadlongia," a boundary-stretching trance piece, and the unreleased "Maybe I Can."

--Friday, November 2 is the date of Kevin's next Neil Young tribute show featuring Shakey Deal. The venue will be the Ivory Theatre, 7620 Michigan Ave in south St. Louis. Tickets will be via reserved seats for this event, and are $10-$12 in advance, $15 at door. Call 314-631-8330 to order yours today.

--A wonderful article written by Kevin's old journalism colleague Thomas Crone, has been posted on the St. Louis Beacon website. Crone talks about Kevin's amazing journey, as well as his past connections to the Riverfront Times and NoisyPaper, the publication he founded with the late Carrie Lindsey. Crone was thorough enough to include a link to Kevin's article about Carrie following her tragic car accident in 2004...that article, on the site, is still the most detailed piece about Lindsey on the internet. Check out Crone's piece here:!/content/25855/second_set_renick

--A rousing new mix of "Goodbye Typewriter" is under way, featuring the stellar contributions of Annalise Raziq and Adam Long. The mix will appear on Kevin's forthcoming CD.

--Here are the details on Rock U Fest 2012, which recently finalized their lineup. The event will be held on Saturday, July 28, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Over 35 bands will participate, on three different stages. Tix are $10 with an added $3 surcharge for minors. The event will be held at the Atomic Cowboy, 4140 Manchester in The Grove; phone no. is (314) 775-0775. Kevin's set will be early, at 3:30 p.m. and will likely be about 45 minutes. More info:

--The song "There For My Life," Kevin's second collaboration with Christa Juergens, is currently being recorded for inclusion on the Under The Wishing Tree compilation. It's coming along great. Kevin has also conjured a piece of "gentle ambient drift," for piano and acoustic guitar, to be called "Maybe I Can." Adam Long continues to engineer these eventful sessions. The goal is to have the CD out by September if all goes well.

--A new, funky song called "Ramshackle," which Kevin started writing some months back, is now largely finished. No specific recording plans yet, but it's a unique enough song that hopefully something will happen with it soon.

--Links to Kevin's original live performance of "Up in the Air" at the Tivoli Theatre in 2009 keep popping up on the web in surprising places. Here's one called "Sterner Stuff: These Trying Times," which describes UITA as a "fantastic song" and has plenty to say about the movie as well:
The path of that first version of the "Up in the Air" song from lo-fi acoustic demo to internationally beloved "soundtrack for these uncertain times" has truly been a remarkable one...

--Looks like Kevin and Ted Moniak will be headed to Iowa in early September for a 2-city "mini tour." On Sept. 7, they will play at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines. Sept. 8 finds them at Java Creek Cafe in Cedar Rapids, a fine venue known for booking regional singer/songwriters.  Kevin has always had a fondness for Iowa, starting with a memorable visit there in 1985, so this is sure to be a musical jaunt to remember!

--Kevin was recently accepted for inclusion in Rock U Fest 2012, an event to be held at the Atomic Cowboy on July 28. Rock U Fest is a marathon 12-hour concert to promote unity in the St. Louis music scene. The full roster and the performance times will be announced shortly.

--Kevin and Ted Moniak will perform for the first time at a venue called the Sky Music Lounge in Ballwin, Missouri. Tonight, June 1, they open for St. Louis favorites VOTE FOR PEDRO, a band who took their moniker from a plot element in the cult movie Napoleon Dynamite. The duo will perform from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

--Work continues on Under the Wishing Tree, a compilation of both old and new material that Kevin hopes to release by August or September. Kevin's first recorded instrumental, titled "The Cage," is now finished, and several listeners who've heard it have used words like "magical" and "enchanting" to describe it. The tune showcases the lush violin sounds of Gretchen Hewitt, and it reflects Kevin's interest in evocative film music. There will be more such sounds to come, undoubtedly.

--RadioFabrik in Salzburg, Austria, continues to regularly feature "Up in the Air" on their playlist. Here's the one for May 13 showing that Kevin's little tune is indeed being aired for Austrian listeners and beyond. The hills are alive...with the sound of a grateful St. Louis singer/songwriter!

--Two recent tumblr blogs express a liking for "Up in the Air" in different ways. The first, a George Clooney-centric blog, has a post from a listener who likes to fall asleep to Kevin's song:
The second was posted in late May by a guy who writes as "Another Dusty Groove":
He has apparently really absorbed the message of this song. One of his observations: "Everyone can relate to the song in some way. If you’ve ever felt a certain aimlessness in life -if you’ve ever felt confused about where you were going- you can empathize with it."  Thank you for bringing more attention to UITA, Sir "ADG." We really appreciate you sharing your sentiments!

--Drew Komos, a Webster Groves resident, hosted a private party on May 19 which featured Kevin Renick & Friends opening for 60s legend Barry McGuire ("Eve of Destruction"). The evening was a great success, and Barry and his collaborator John York told spine-tingling stories of their sonic and social adventures in the 60s, including the infamous Laurel Canyon scene. Kevin was honored to be part of this amazing night, and had a chance to share his UITA tale with Mr. McGuire, who responded with great interest to the story. Just a reminder, by the way: Kevin is available for house parties, both within and beyond the St. Louis area. He can offer a show that is just right for your needs; all you have to do is communicate those needs as specifically as possible. To arrange a house party, send us an email or write to Kevin at: PO Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131.

--A video of Kevin's song "All I Want Is...," shot by Cindi Rimkus at the April 13 show at the Grove Deli, has been uploaded to YouTube. It's a pretty good recording. You can watch it here:  //

--The amazing John Sobocan, whom Kevin recorded The Road To Olandra with, has signed a distribution deal with the ambient record label Databloem. John's debut for the European-based label will be called The Soft Circle. Few contemporary electronic artists get the soul of ambient music better than Mr. Sobocan, so this is definitely one to add to your collection if that genre of music speaks to you...

--Another blogger has included "Up in the Air" among his significant personal songs. He says this about his list including Kevin's tune: "I feel that these songs define my life, and if you'd care to know me, simply listen to this playlist." Check out the distinguished choices of this blogger here:   You'll need to scroll down to "Me Playlist."

--Kevin has been hankering to play at wineries for several years now, and it is finally happening. On Friday, May 11 he will perform at Meramec Vineyards in St. James, MO for their "Wine Down Fridays" series, from 6-10 p.m. And on Saturday, May 12, Kevin will be at Persimmon Ridge Winery in Barnhart, MO from 2-5 p.m. Come join the festivities at these wineries if you can!

--A couple of new songs are in the works. Kevin is finishing up an evocative tune called "Little Moments," which has been in the works for awhile. Another tune called "Insane," about the current political situation, is under way. No word yet on when that one will see the light of day, but stay tuned!

--Kevin now has a page on the music social networking site Reverb Nation. It's a good mix of links, gig announcements and information. You can visit Kevin's page (and by all means become a FAN!) right here:

--Engineer Adam Long, whom Kevin is working with on new songs, has a great reputation among those he has twiddled knobs for. Adam co-founded POETRY SCORES, and a gentleman involved in that organization commented in a blog about the recent article in Tape Op, saluting Kevin in the process. You can read the blog here:

--It's constantly surprising how the "Up in the Air" song turns up randomly on various websites, something Kevin loves to keep track of. There's a discussion board devoted to the music of Beatle legend Paul McCartney; one page is called "Macca's Pub Thread (Weekend Drink Specials!)". These opening lines prompt patrons thusly: "We're open for business, folks! Cool  Step up to the bar and put in an order. Oh, and feel free to tip." What follows in the thread are suggestions for various songs to be played on the Macca jukebox, and poster "walliebaby" suggested... yes, you guessed it, "Up in the Air." Kevin couldn't be happier to have ANY sort of minor tie to the website of a Beatle, so, uh, THANKS, Wallie baby! Read some of the other fun suggestions and Macca-related stuff right here:

--Although Kevin's hiatus from, the website he wrote for on a regular basis for about 7 years, has continued far longer than he planned, many of his writings there keep turning up in new internet searches. No less an artist than Lindsey Buckingham, the chief singer/songwriter of Fleetwood Mac, thought enough of Kevin's 2008 interview with him to post it on his own website. You can read that classic interview right here:

--Just for fun, we are conducting a little test to see how many people actually read this news page. If you are reading this right now and have a fondness for Kevin's music in any way, just write us at and share your thoughts in 100 words or less. First person to do so will get a FREE copy of Kevin's collaboration with John Sobocan, THE ROAD TO OLANDRA. It's a visionary ambient/spoken word recording that is not available in any stores. Just provide your name and address with your email, and the disc will soon be on its way to you!

--Kevin is seeking a drummer that would be available for perhaps one gig every month or two. If you're an experienced, affable, flexible drummer, please email and talk yourself up. Serious fun may result!

--The new issue of Tape Op magazine has a nice interview with Kevin. Larry Crane, the mag's editor is a very knowledgeable, amiable chap and Kevin felt a kinship with him right away, telling Larry, for example, how thrilled he was to see a long, insightful interview with Brian Eno in the mag last fall. Anyway, you can read the piece on Kevin right here:

--Kudos to the members of Chicago's Nobody Nobody Sent, some of whom backed Kevin up at his March 11 appearance at the Elbo Room. The band's website is here:  Kevin looks forward to playing with these guys again soon; they are stellar acoustic musicians and quick learners.

--Kevin will be doing a show with his childhood pal Rick Haegg at Lindberg's, the coolest little venue in Springfield, MO, on Friday, April 20 from 6:30-8:30 pm. The venue is located at 318 W. Commercial Street, and the cover is only $5.00. Go check 'em out if you're in the Springfield area!

--For St. Louisans, the Grove Deli is a quiet little neighborhood treasure, a great place to sit with friends and chat quietly while enjoying delicious sandwiches, soups and salads. The Deli, located at 8144 Big Bend in Webster, features live local comedy on Saturday nights and periodic musical acts at other times. Kevin, of course, began his performing career there and encourages you all to check the place out. He is doing a monthly show there in 2012, with a view towards making each one a little different. The shows will be either the second or third Friday of each month, and they run from 7-10 pm, with no cover. Tonight's show will feature special guests Cindi Rimkus and Jeff Viers. The April 13 show will be partially a tribute to Annabelle Renick, Kevin's late mother who passed three years ago and one week prior to that date. The other songs will likely have a nostalgic or "growing up" theme. The May 18 show will feature special opener Ryan Kirby, who may also guest on bass for some of Kevin's set. Check out the deli for both their food and hospitality; it's an awesome place!

--Kevin traveled to Springfield, Missouri on Feb. 19 to deliver a master recording of what will hopefully be the final version of "Ballad of the American Farmer," the song he was commissioned to write for James Roberson's powerful documentary about American agribusiness and economic imbalance, In The Interest of National Security. Kevin was able to view a cut of the near-finished film for the first time and pronounced it "powerful and deeply sobering." Roberson's film includes a segment with Springfield resident and D-Day hero Ralph K. Manley, who penned a book about his life and World War II adventures called The Sky Is The Limit. Kevin visited with Manley and was deeply moved by the details of his story, enough to begin writing a new song, provisionally titled "The Story Of Ralph K."

--The second songwriting collaboration between Kevin and Christa Juergens is now finished; it's a poignant song about mid-life reflections called "There For My Life." The first live performance of the song will be at Kevin's upcoming show at the Elbo Room in Chicago on Sunday, March 11 at 9 p.m. That show is Kevin's first major appearance in Chicago, where his opener will be the old-timey Americana band, Chicago's own Nobody Nobody Sent. Here's a link to the Elbo Room's website:

--Kevin has been working on a compilation of tracks to be submitted to film and TV producers. This will include a handful of songs taken from his previous releases such as "About A Kiss" and "Goodbye, Typewriter," as well as at least 7 or 8 new songs. Sure to make the cut are "Lost Time," "Song of Longing," "Feeling My Way" and "Sad Song #217," as well as an instrumental tentatively titled "The Cage." The compilation itself is still awaiting a title, which could end up being Under The Wishing Tree, Past Futures In The Present Tense, or something else. Suggestions, anyone?

--Mark Sept. 25 on your calendars, everyone. That will be Kevin's second show at the Sheldon Concert Hall, which could very well end up being the showcase event for the still-in-progress Our Mother's Place recording. Time will tell...

--Look for a YouTube uploading of the popular "Song of Longing" any day now. To include visuals or not to include visuals, that is the question...

--A New Zealand wordpress blogger writing as "The film freak of NZ" has posted an exemplary piece about the Up In The Air film in which he discusses the significance of both the movie and Kevin's song. After all this time, it's astonishing that new essays are still being written about Reitman's potent piece of work. Anyway, you can read the piece here:

--Congratulations to Kevin's old friend Maureen Burns and her beloved, David Arnold, who announced at a recent party that they are to be married this September. Here's wishing many years of joy and happiness to this amazing, inspiring twosome.

--Hard to believe it's 2012 already, isn't it? After taking a breather for the holidays, Kevin is back to work preparing to continue work on his third CD. Several songs were recorded recently with the help of Annalise Raziq, down from Chicago to help with the sessions. Almost in the bag are "The Letters They Wrote," "Everything Reminds Me of You" and "Cry, Hope, Lose, Sleep, Repeat." "Carol's Song," featuring Gretchen Hewitt on piano and voice, is virtually finished, and a string arrangement is being prepared for "I Might Want Out." As funding becomes available, work will continue on this long-gestating recording.

--Kevin plans to make the Grove Deli shows monthly for 2012. Each show will be on the second Friday of every month from 7-10 p.m., and the lineup will likely differ a bit from month to month, as will the theme. The gang is already set for January 13 and February 10, so go show them some love, y'all!

--We won't proffer an opinion about Spotify right now, except to say it's great when people make lists of songs they like and it includes our friends! Kevin's "Up in the Air" song has a cushy place on a list called "Love the Hippies," and you can see that list here:    It's pretty awesome to be listed among classic rock icons such as Simon & Garfunkel, CSNY, Cat Stevens, Donovan and others. Whoever put Kevin's tune on that list, we salute you!

--Larry Crane, the editor of Tape Op magazine, did an interview with Kevin on Nov. 12 during his brief stopover in St. Louis (Crane and his mag are based in Portland, Oregon). Kevin was honored to be talking with an esteemed writer, musician and recording engineer who had just coincidentally interviewed Kevin's hero, Brian Eno, in the previous issue of the publication. Stay tuned for news about exactly which issue the piece will appear in.

--Dreams often produce songwriting inspiration, and Kevin awoke with a jolt one morning last week from a strange dream that had a character named Arthur Goo in it. A concept strong enough to put some time into evidently emerged, as Kevin is now finishing up a new song called "Arthur Goo, Meet the Foot in the Forest." Wonder what that one will sound like?

--A Korean blogger has some things to say about Up In The Air, devoting several lines to discussing Kevin's song. The translation of his blog is awkward to say the least, but charming anyway. You can check it out here:

--It would've been impossible to include links to every UITA review that mentioned Kevin's song, but here's one we just came across from April 2010, an apparent blog called "The Gansmoe Journal." It has plenty to say about the film and Kevin's song:

--And yet one more blog talking about UITA, this time from Italy.

--Shakey Deal performed another successful Neil Young tribute show at St. Louis venue Off Broadway on Nov. 10, featuring new member Cindi Rimkus on harmony vocals. Kevin performed "Birds" and "Through My Sails" for the first time, and the rocking set included specially arranged versions of "Time Fades Away," "For The Turnstiles" and "Cowgirl In The Sand" among other tunes. Neil's 66th birthday was two days later, on Nov. 12, so let's just say "LONG MAY YOU RUN!" to the legendary birthday boy. Kevin actually appears on Neil's website in the review section, and in case you haven't seen this, it's a favorable review of the CSNY concert film "Deja Vu" that came out in 2008. Scroll down about 14 reviews in the "Pros" column and you will see Kevin's take on the film:

--An interview with Kevin about the Nov. 10 Neil Young tribute show and the following night's 11-11-11 event appears in the Get Out section of the Nov. 4 (Friday) Post-Dispatch. A longer version of it appears online here:
Both these shows will be truly unique, so plan on attending! Tickets for the Neil tribute show at Off Broadway are just $10 and can be purchased at the venue the night of the show, or in advance here:

--Kevin and Gretchen Hewitt are halfway through recording a version of "Carol's Song," a beautiful piano ballad about the late Carol Raziq and her profound influence. Stay tuned for more details. Final mixes of "Lost Time" and "Song of Longing" are also in the bag and sound just wonderful. Speaking of Ms. Hewitt, she has been hard at work for many months on songs for an original musical called "The Mechanical Cat." The work will have its official premiere this Sunday, Nov. 6, 7:00 p.m. at Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 8454 Glen Echo Dr. in Bel-Nor, MO. This event will be well worth checking out!

--Kevin penned a raucous new tune called "Beer and Wine" which he premiered at the Octoberfest event at Rolla's Pub House Brewery on Oct. 8. It's an ode to drinking those titular beverages which adorn many a fine social outing. A couple of new collaborations are still in the works with Christa Juergens as well; stay tuned.

--Kevin has been busy recording new material with Grammy-nominated engineer Adam Long. Almost in the bag now are the songs "Lost Time," which was a thoroughly magical session; "Song of Longing," for which Gretchen Hewitt contributed ambient-style violin, and "Feeling My Way." The goal is to put together a compilation of high-quality tracks to submit to film producers and industry people; great progress is being made on this. Meanwhile, work continues on preparing the "Mom album," which is currently dubbed Our Mother's Place. Several songs will likely be recorded in the next few weeks for this ambitious project.

--Kevin now has a page on ReverbNation, although no songs are uploaded yet. But you can see the page here:

--The website Media Stinger talks about the credits sequence of "Up in the Air" here:

--Singer Cindi Rimkus joined the Shakey Deal band for their Oct. 1 show at The Wood, which went quite well. Cindi does a fine job on the Neil Young songs that require close harmonies, so she'll likely participate in future gigs, including the upcoming November 10 Neil tribute show at Off Broadway. Welcome to the entourage, Cindi!

--Kevin is in talks with a young filmmaker named Seth Morgan about possibly contributing a song to his short film "Sea of Love." Morgan seems to be an ambitious and engaging talent, so we'll see what comes of all this.

--An interesting phenomenon has been happening in recent blogs, where the writer will quote a lyric from Kevin's "Up in the Air" song, but the blog itself doesn't discuss the song. Apparently they trust that people will "get" the connection upon reading the blog. Whatever the case, the attention to the song is appreciated! Here are two examples of this:

--ARTISTICALLY SPEAKING is the name of a new entertainment showcase featuring poets, musicians and comics; the event will be happening on the first Wednesday of each month at the 7 Restaurant and Lounge in Belleville, IL. Susan "Spit-fire" Lively is hosting the event, and Kevin was asked to play a short set at the Oct. 5 premiere. You can read more details here:  (scroll down to Sept. 13)

--A limited number of copies of Close To Something Beautiful, Kevin's debut CD, have come back in stock. Order right away if you haven't obtained this self-released gem yet: Just send check or m.o. made out to Kevin Renick, in the amount of $15, to Kevin Renick, P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131.

--Almost two years after the release of UP IN THE AIR, there are still reviews coming out overseas of the soundtrack album. A mere mention wouldn't motivate us to share another link, but the following is a substantial review from an Italian website called "Alphabet City," and the writer gives Kevin's song special attention. Check out the translated review here:

--I think we promised not to post links to any more reviews of the actual UITA film, but this one comes from Poland, a website with "Mad Dog" in the title and featuring a thoughtful review by writer Dorothy Smela. If it didn't talk about Kevin's song, we likely wouldn't include it, but it does, ya go, the English translation:

---Jacque, a St. Louis musician and contributor to the John & Drew show, did a brief spot with Kevin for the show recently to promote the upcoming "Taste of St. Louis" festival, which is to be held the weekend of Sept. 23-25. The goofy little segment, edited for cheap laughs, can be seen on YouTube right here:  //

--A recording session was held recently with Adam Long to get things under way for the so-called "Mom album." Kevin recorded guitar and vocals for "Everything Reminds Me of You" and "I Might Want Out." Once again, Adam proved his stellar ability to create a comfortable vibe in the studio and to capture magic. The plan is to work up a string arrangement for the latter song.

--Come On Down is now officially available on iTunes (find it under "Kevin Renick & Friends"). You can also order it from as a disc or digital download here:

--Kevin, Ted and Gretchen Hewitt had a wonderful time performing at Rue Lafayette on July 29, and they will return to the venue on Friday, Sept. 30 from 6-9 p.m. If you haven't patronized this stellar south side eatery/boutique yet, by all means do so. It features a legendary catalyst of an owner, a Boston Terrier that has achieved infamy among the patrons, great food and a unique atmosphere. Check it out!

--A Spanish blogger in Barcelona included the Up in the Air soundtrack among his list of CDs he deemed worth listening to. You can read his comment here by scrolling down till you see the UITA cover:

--Keep your eyes on this space for news of a very unique show to be held on the mystical date of 11-11-11. Tune in, turn on, drop in, everyone!

--Webster University, Kevin's alma mater, has booked him for the first time for their Homecoming/Parents' Weekend this September. Kevin will perform at the Sunnen Lounge at 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23. Webster alumni can register for this event here:

--Performances in Missouri outside the St. Louis area have been infrequent for Mr. Renick so far, but Saturday, July 23, he will do his first show in Rolla, at the Public House Brewing Co. You can find out all the details here:

--Don't forget, copies of the new 7-song CD Come On Down are available for only $7.00, and the spoken word/electronica collaboration with Canada's John Sobocan, The Road To Olandra, is available for only $10. You can order either one through Paypal by sending your payment (plus 2.00 shipping) to, or by mailing a check/money order to Kevin Renick, P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131.

--The trip to Nashville for the Nashville Songwriter's Festival in early June was a big success for Kevin and Ted Moniak. They ended up getting to play six different times at five different venues on Music Row. Kevin reports that he met alot of enthusiastic fellow songwriters, and learned all kinds of useful things. Ray Haste, a singer/songwriter from Louisville whom Kevin met on Facebook, was there to brainstorm and swap ideas. He shot video footage of several of Kevin's performances in Nashville. You can two of those performances right now, for the songs "Feeling My Way" and "Light A Candle."
Feeling My Way:  //
Light A Candle: //

--The first available video footage from the Sheldon show is for Kevin's performance of "Up in the Air" from that show. Thanks to videographer Shanna Landgrave, you can watch that segment here: //

--Director James Roberson likes the mix of "Ballad of the American Farmer" that Kevin submitted, so it looks like a go for the song appearing in the closing credits of the documentary In the Interest of National Security. The film is still being edited, but stay tuned for details about when it will be released.

--Those of you who live in or near Springfield, Missouri, be sure to catch the full "Kevin Renick & Friends" band, complete with drummer Andrea Spencer, at Lindberg's, 318 W. Commercial St., on Friday, June 24 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. This is part of the venue's "Rhythm and Boom" series, and Kevin will do half originals and half Neil Young covers for this show.

--Kevin debuted his atmospheric new song "Wilderness" at
an open mic at the Cigar Inn in Belleville, IL on June 9, and at the Grove Deli show on June 10. This song has a good structure and is likely to become a staple. Other new songs now ready to perform are the western swing number "Down That Endless Highway" and an acoustic strummer called "I'm Gone." Meanwhile, Kevin and Christa Juergens have been working on a funky new collaboration called "Fast and Off." That could be ready to perform later this summer.

--The Sheldon show on May 19 was a fantastic success, and everyone in the band was on their game. Songs that especially stood out according to what audience members said in feedback, were "If We Can Keep Dancing" (performed properly for the first time at this show thanks to Gretchen Hewitt on piano and Annalise Raziq on harmony vocals), "Song of Longing," "Christa Juergens Etc.," and the closing "Light A Candle." The sound at the Sheldon was, as expected, superb. Thanks to Kelsey McClure from KDHX, who attended the concert and posted some great photos at the radio station's website. You can check them out, along with her comments, here:

--A paragraph about Kevin appears on the Huffington Post, no less, in their "Dog Ears Music" column. We don't remember seeing this before; at any rate, the link to it is here:

--The "Up in the Air" song has been placed on YouTube many times in different contexts, but here's something called the "M&K Unemployment Current Event Project," where the song plays while stats about unemployment in Texas are scrolled. Fascinating! Check it out here: //

--Another link to the movie version of UITA is posted under the headline "Fall in love and fall apart" (editorial note from Kevin: I've done that more times than I can count!) on a blog, with the blogger simply calling the song "Beautiful." Here's the link to THAT one:

--Two brand-new songs have been completed: "Early Morning Birds," which will be played for the first time at the Grove Deli on June 10, and "Chautauqua," which has the distinction of being the 160th tune Kevin has written. It's about the private community in Illinois where Kevin spent several summers as a child, and where he'll be performing on June 17 and July 17.

--The recording of "Ballad of the American Farmer" is set to take place on May 31 and June 1 with engineer Patrick Crecelius. If it goes well and if director James Roberson is able to complete his documentary about agriculture and the co-opting of the food industry in America, then Kevin will have his second original song in a movie. Stay tuned...

--Fred Friction played the extended version of "No Second Dates," the first collaboration between Kevin and Christa Juergens, on his KDHX radio show "Fishin' With Dynamite" on May 26. Thanks, ROCK. Literally, you do!

--Kevin and Gretchen Hewitt performed "Read A Book" for a special assembly at Keysor Elementary School on the morning of May 27. The four kids from the recording were part of it, as they also were at the Sheldon show, so once again--thanks to Emma, Sophia, Kyle and Jack for coming through. It was a trip down Memory Lane for Kevin as he recalls his first tangible musical experience being on that same stage (in the Keysor gym) back in the 60s for a school Christmas show.

--Kevin and Ted Moniak will be venturing down to Nashville the weekend of June 3-5 for the all-important Nashville Songwriter's Festival. Kevin is still mulling over which songs to perform, but the obvious candidates include "Up in the Air," "Goodbye Typewriter," "Think Twice About It" and probably "It's Gonna Be Hard Without You." If any of you reading this have an opinion on this matter, write to Kevin personally at If industry people happen to hear Kevin perform and take an interest, stuff could happen. You know, stuff...

--This is our FINAL reminder about the big concert on Thursday, May 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the beautiful Sheldon Concert Hall. This will be Kevin's biggest show to date, featuring a wide selection of his best songs performed by the entire extended band. Tickets are only $6.00 at the door. Don't miss this sure to be memorable evening of Kevin's music and stories! Call 314-533-9900 for more information.

--A site in Romania, of all places, has paid tribute to the UITA song on "Folkblog." We love the charmingly rough translation, especially the phrase "a seemingly anonymous gambling." Anyway, the blog links to the official soundtrack version of the song, and you can read what writer Lucia Margo says here:

--WNYU (New York University Radio) included "Up in the Air" on their playlist for the May 14 edition of their show "Cinemusic," which plays all kinds of different songs and cues from movies. Thanks, Coren...we appreciate it!

--Incredibly enough, "Up in the Air" is now available for purchase as a ringtone. Yep, your callers can now be greeted with "I'm up in the air, choices drifting by me everywhere..." or whatever bit of the song they've used; we're really not sure. But what a kick! The site where you can make this happen is here:

--Kevin is finishing up a brand-new song called "Wilderness." He says it is influenced by Radiohead, and calls it an "existentialist meditation on the search for love in chaotic times."

--Come On Down, the new 7-track mini-album Kevin recorded recently, will officially be in stock on Tuesday, May 10. The price is a very low $7, plus 2.00 shipping domestically (for almost all overseas orders, please add 4.00 shipping). You can order by sending a check or money order (specify number of copies) to: Kevin Renick, P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131. You can also order via Paypal, through: The Road To Olandra is also now available; see the April 24 news update for info about that one.

--Don Corrigan's feature story about Kevin and his musical journey appears in both the May 4 issue of the West End Word and the May 6 issue of the Webster-Kirkwood Times; each is slightly different and has a different photo. Here are links to both of them:

--Kevin continues writing new songs; he's just finished a song in kind of a western swing style. It's likely to be titled "Down That Endless Highway," but it's not nailed down yet. Also nearly finished is "Ramshackle," which he describes as a "funky, existential little rocker."

--Shanna Landgrave, who interviewed Kevin not long ago for her planned TV show "The Pro's Classroom," now has a page on IMDb, and there's a sharp photo of her posted there with Kevin. This photo apparently cannot be downloaded or shared elsewhere, so this is your only chance to see it:

--A blogger in France requested a list of songs with travel as the theme, and someone helpfully included "Up in the Air" among their suggestions. Here's the English translation of that posting; you have to scroll down a bit:

--Most of you know that Kevin worked with Canadian ambient musician John Sobocan on a CD called The Road To Olandra, which is a series of spoken word/ambient soundscapes about self-discovery, solitude and contemplation. That project took awhile to bring to you (it was recorded between 2007 and 2008), but is finally finished and available right here for only $10 plus 2.00 shipping. Send check or money order made out to Kevin Renick and mail to: P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131. You can also pay via Paypal at This 15-track CD is highly recommended for anyone needing some old-fashioned sonic philosophizing, anyone suffering from worry or restlessness, or if you just need to escape your normal routine for 72 minutes and have a quiet, singular experience.

--The West End Word has interviewed Kevin for a story to be published in their May 4th issue, preceding the big concert at the Sheldon. Don Corrigan of the Webster-Kirkwood Times did the story. The Times recently purchased the West End Word, and this will be their inaugural issue with the new format.

--Kevin will perform a short set at the Cigar Inn in Belleville, IL at 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 28. The Inn is located at 119 West Main St. Here's a link to a blog about the event:

--Progress has been made on the documentary film In the Interest of National Security, for which Kevin was commissioned to write a song called "The Ballad of the American Farmer." There will be a recording session in early May with Adam Long to render a suitably sophisticated version of the tune. If all goes well, you'll be able to hear it sometime after that.

--Come On Down is the official title of the new 7-track mini-album by Kevin Renick & Friends. It's available for pre-order right now for only $7.00 plus 2.00 shipping and handling. You can pay by Paypal at, or send check/m.o. to Kevin Renick, P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131. By mid-May, the CD will also be available through CD Baby, amazon and iTunes; stay tuned if those are your preferred purchase avenues.

--A Swedish blog called "forever concrete" has an April 7th posting about the "Up in the Air" song. You can read it here:

--There are translation issues with these foreign blogs, but "French man living and loving" obviously liked the UITA song enough to post a link and mention that he's listened to it repeatedly. His blog is here, via Japan. We're confused:

--A film project called The Invention of Will and Gregg has unexpectedly made a reference point out of Kevin's song. In describing their planned trailer for the film, the folks behind this project wrote of their music: "The lo-fi guitar play adds to this constant imperfection. In a sense it reminds me of the closing credits of the film Up in the Air. Let's call it this lo-fi Kevin Renick sound." You can refer to it however you want, guys, as long as you CALL IT, friend-o! Check out the site here:

--William Huyer, a Portuguese blogger and film buff, has posted his version of the Oscars for last year, and we couldn't be more pleased to see his choices for "Best Song" of last year: 
  • Edge of Love ("Careless Talk", John Maybury and Angelo Badalamenti)
  • Up in the Air ("Up In The Air," Kevin Renick)
  • Nine ("Cinema Italiano", Maury Yeston)
  • Where the Wild Things Are ("Building All Is Love," Karen Orzolek, Nick Zinner and Tristan Bechet)
  • The Refuge ("Le Refuge", Louis Ronan Choisy)
The "Ghuyer Awards 2010," which were posted in their entirety on April 12, can be seen here; thanks for the props, Mr. H!

--Two more new Renick compositions are nearing completion: one is called "Unthinkable," and the other, likely to be finished soon, is titled "Early Morning Birds." Keep your eye on this space for details!

--It's the last day of March already; how is this possible? And how is it possible we are lucky enough to tell you that the big concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall on Thursday, May 19, is definitely happening, and is now on the Sheldon's website here:
You don't need to worry about advance tickets; just buy 'em at the door for the measly price of $6.00. This concert is gonna be fab, we promise...and we hope ALL fans in this area (or even points beyond) will make an effort to get to this show. Gretchen Hewitt and Annalise Raziq are among the special guests who will grace the Sheldon stage with us.

--The final mix is in from Adam Long's work on "Call It A Life," a track on the upcoming EP, and it is stupendous. Gretchen Hewitt played some luminous violin on the song, and you'll get to hear the results very, very soon. Kevin has already made plans to start recording some new material this summer with Adam, tracks that will likely be for the next full album.

--Kevin usually keeps a cassette recorder nearby to quickly capture new musical ideas on as they arrive from, well, whatever strange land the muse inhabits. Two of these ideas have now been turned into full songs: a straightforward rocker called "Gotta Act Now" and a more complex, vaguely late-period Beatleish song tentatively titled "Pick a Pair." Look for both to get a trial run at the upcoming April 16 Grove Deli gig with Ryan Kirby.

--Kevin has just made plans to attend the 9th annual Nashville Songwriter's Festival in Music City, the first weekend in June. He has joined the roster of Redstarr Entertainment and hopes to garner some interest in the new CD and his overall music story during the trip. He's featured in the latest Redstarr newsletter here:

--A blogger named Jay Wonder (great name!) has included "Up in the Air" as a subject worthy of attention in his March 28 posting, calling it a "really good song that I could really relate to with that no school/no job thing." Well, Jay, here's hoping that situation changes for you soon. You can read his full post here, if you scroll about halfway down:


--Kevin and the band performed and served as "house band" for two BEST OF THE STL shows, taped live at the show's studio on Wednesday, March 23. It was a fascinating experience, and Kevin changed the lyrics of a verse from his song "Goodbye Typewriter" so they could serve as a makeshift "Best of the STL" theme song instead. His old friend Julie Farrar ended up being a guest in the cooking segment of the show, which was a comical surprise. The staff couldn't have been nicer, and the whole band hopes to have a chance to return to this lively show sometime soon. We'll post links to airings of these shows as soon as we have them. Photo above shows Kevin talking to reporter Cassandra Walker. The group pic below, besides showing band members Ted Moniak, Andrea Spencer and Ned Watson, also features Best of the STL's Ivy Hartman at far left, and Cassandra Walker and Gilberto Pinela at far right. Photos by Leslie Elpers.

--Kevin has completed a new song called "If I Let You Down." It's one that has been percolating for a while, and he describes it as "strongly influenced by some of the great psychedelic but emotive bands of the late 60s, bands like the Left Banke, the Grassroots, New Colony Six and a bunch of others." The tune may get its first performance at the April 16 show at the Grove Deli or the big Sheldon concert on May 19.

--The very personal song "Call It A Life" is being recorded with Grammy-nominated local studio maestro Adam Long. Kevin wanted one acoustic song to balance out the more rocking material on the EP, so this will be the sixth track. A possible seventh track would be an extended mix of "No Second Dates," but that is up to engineer Justin Robinson at the moment.

--Among an exciting slate of shows scheduled for this summer are two gigs at Lindberg's in Springfield, MO on June 24 and July 22. The first gig will be the Shakey Deal band doing a handful of Kevin's stuff but then diving into full-tilt Neil Young for the remainder of their set. The July 22 show will find Kevin sharing equal billing with Ryan Kirby for a laid-back acoustic pairing.

--Speaking of Ryan Kirby, he is celebrating the release of his debut, Postcard From Vermont, on Tuesday, March 29, 8 p.m. at the Kranzberg Arts Center. Tix are only $5.00. Ryan's a fine songwriter and this show will be well worth your time.

--Details are just about finalized for the big Kevin Renick and Friends CD Release concert at the Sheldon. Official start time is 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, and tickets will be $6.00 at the door. You can contact the Sheldon at 314/533-9900 or visit for more info.

--A recent Swedish blog includes "Up in the Air" below a post about "loved film music," and most interestingly, equates the song cryptically with a famous line uttered by Andy Warhol, who happens to be the hero of Kevin's bandmate, Ted Moniak. What does it all mean? Check it out here:

--A radio station in Germany, called "Radiofabrik," includes "Up in the Air" on their playlist for March 22. We love this kind of thing, so kudos to whoever is making it happen out there in the cultural wilds!

--Kevin performed an hour-long set of tunes at the monthly Poetry reading at Dressel's pub on March 1 and got an enthusiastic response. He did some songs that are rarely performed such as "I Might Want Out" and his all-time longest song "Clear the Way," which went over very well. Kevin was thrilled to enjoy the work of such poets as Susan "Spitfire" Lively, whom he hopes to join forces with soon, Phil Gounis and the visiting Susan Trowbridge Adams, who stunned with her incredible readings. It was a memorable night!

--Shanna Landgrave interviewed Kevin on March 4 for an exciting new TV program called "The Pro's Classroom." The show's focus is on student performers and those aspiring to work in the performing arts full-time, with an emphasis on knowledge needed to break the conventional rules of the industry. Shanna is shopping a syndication deal for her program, which she hopes would go both national and global. Stay tuned for updates.

--Work continues on the planned simultaneous release of both Come On Down, the six-song EP Kevin has been recording with Justin Robinson, and The Road To Olandra, the ambient/spoken word collaboration with John Sobocan. Sleeve design has been completed by John for the latter, and it looks great! The disc is now in the capable mastering hands of Jack Petracek. As for Come on Down, rhythm tracking has been finished, and the emphasis is now on getting strong guitar and vocal tracks recorded satisfactorily.

--We're so pleased to announce that it looks like the CD Release Concert for these two discs will be held at the legendary, acoustically perfect SHELDON CONCERT HALL on Thursday, May 19th. Many more details are still to be worked out, but the show will start at either 7:30 or 8:00 and tix will likely be $6.00. For now, just mark that date on your calendar, folks!

--An abbreviated cover version of "Up In The Air" has been posted by a young woman using the moniker "aNickle4aPickle." It's quite charming, and Kevin wrote her to tell her so. Too bad she didn't do the whole song! Anyway, here's a link to her video:

--Kevin hasn't completed any brand-new songs for a while, but there are two that are not far from being finished, called "I'm Gone" and "If I Let You Down." Meanwhile, a new collaboration with Christa Juergens is under way, probably to be titled "Let's Go Back." It's coming easily, which is always a good sign.

--Grove Deli, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Kevin will make three appearances at this now legendary locale in the heart of Webster Groves this spring. On March 25, his trio will open for the charming chanteuse Chrissy Renick. On Saturday, April 16, Kevin will team up with Ryan Kirby for what is sure to be a dynamic show. Ryan is about to release his long-awaited debut CD and you can learn more at his new website, Finally, Kevin has booked Friday, June 3 at the Grove for a show to try out some rare songs. Those of you in the St. Louis area, please patronize this wonderful, intimate establishment at 8144 Big Bend, or call them at 314/962-9078 and chat up the owner, Jason. The Grove Deli gave Kevin his start, lest we need to remind y'all of that, so we're big fans! Their website is

--Shakey Deal's set at Blueberry Hill on Feb. 19 was a big success. The band performed for an hour, mixing Neil Young classics such as "Cinnamon Girl," "Down By the River" and "The Loner" with some lesser-known songs like "Vampire Blues" and "Get Back On It." A big crowd was in attendance, and the reaction was extremely enthusiastic. The vocal harmonies of the divinely gifted Annalise Raziq, in town from Chicago, made many of the songs even stronger. A plumbing disaster after the band concluded their set was an unexpected bit of weirdness, but everyone in the band--as well as headliners Petty Cash Junction--was pleased by the performance and wants to repeat this pairing again.

--Kevin has taped a segment with Matt Brinkmann for the "Local Artist Spotlight" on radio station KDHX. The segment is scheduled to begin airing on the station once a day on Feb. 28, but we will post an update about that once the airtime is confirmed.

--Kevin and the band have accepted an invitation from the local cable TV show "Best of The STL" to tape two half-hour programs on Wed., March 23. The shows are taped live in front of a studio audience and feature both music and interviews. They will then air on the program's website, on local cable outlets and possibly on YouTube. Stay tuned for further details as we get all the info.

--A new blog about movies and songs includes "Up In The Air" in the blogger's entry titled "I liked the music better than the movie!" Flattering to be part of this piece, as Kevin's song is included among such esteemed artists as Zero 7, Diana Krall and Laurie Anderson! Check out the blog here:

--Exactly two years ago today, Kevin nervously attended a lecture by director Jason Reitman at Webster University, with his friend Melinda Farrar. In a small envelope he had with him was a cassette tape containing a simple demo of his song titled "Up in the Air." Kevin thought at the time that maybe, if the fates were kind, he could somehow get this cassette into the hands of Reitman for possible use in his movie UP IN THE AIR, which was then shooting in St. Louis. You all know what happened, of course--a totally improbable adventure soon began, and Kevin has been enjoying every minute of it. Just hard to believe it was two long years ago that the seed was planted. Kevin and friends will celebrate by performing at the Grove Deli in Webster Groves this evening from 7-10, where that night will definitely come up in conversation...

--The Neil Young tribute show from last November has gotten a fair amount of attention, and we can now announce that Kevin has formed a band, officially, to perform Neil Young covers. It's been dubbed "Shakey Deal" in a nod to one of Neil's nom de plumes. The lineup is Kevin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ned Watson on lead guitar and harmonica, Ted Moniak on bass and Andrea Spencer on drums. Shakey Deal will make their "official" debut on Saturday, Feb. 19, at Blueberry Hill, opening for Petty Cash Junction. The show starts at 9 p.m. and tickets are $7.00. Contact Kevin at for more info or to inquire about future bookings.

--Work begins this Sunday, Feb. 13, on what will likely be a 5-song EP of Renick originals. Justin Robinson will engineer at least some of these sessions at his space in Manchester, and three of the songs definitely slated to be recorded are "Come on Down (and Pull Me Up)," "It's Gonna Be Hard Without You" and "No Second Dates," the song Kevin wrote with old friend Christa Juergens. Although Kevin had previously hoped the informally christened "Mom album" would be his next release, that project has grown in scope and will clearly take longer to record. Kevin explains:
     "I have enough material to make my next album a double. I want to do it artfully and I know it's going to cost a pretty penny to put together. Meanwhile, I felt that  putting an EP out would be a nice way to both preview the album and get some other new songs out there, songs more in a rock & roll vein than what was on my first CD. Our band has been getting tighter and tighter in rehearsals, and I want to showcase that."
Stay tuned for word of release info regarding the new project; Kevin hopes to have it out in late March or early April.

--John Sobocan is the Canadian soundscape artist that Kevin collaborated with on the track "Anonymous" on Close To Something Beautiful, and on the upcoming full-length The Road To Olandra. Kevin often refers to John as the "Brian Eno of Canada," as his ambient work is truly stellar, diverse and beautifully organic. John has a brand-new CD available called Features of Spheres. You can hear samples from it here:  You can also purchase a copy of it for only $10 by writing directly to John, here:
. Kevin has been enthralled with the disc and calls it "another beautifully crafted set of haunting, landscape-evoking tone poems from one of the most talented ambient composers around right now."

--A Chinese blog of unknown authorship has the lyrics to UITA posted and a title of "Part of Life," subtitled "Your music touched me." There were at least two responses, one of which was "not bad." Hey, we'll take someone in China saying "Not bad." Cause, well, international approval is not bad! Not bad at all! Here's the google link; sorry for the long translations on these:


--Kevin has posted his end of 2010 blog summarizing the turbulent year. You can read it here:

--A music chart somewhere in the wilds of Italy has "Up in the Air" at #60 on a list of movie-related songs. You can see the chart here:

--We just love the blogosphere, and the surprises that keep turning up. A young woman who blogs on tumblr as "52Sabley" did a great post where she picked a theme song for every month of 2010. Guess what July's tune was?
We love this concept so much, we're going to just share her intro and what she said about UITA in full:
2010: The Musical

Okay, here’s the thing. For about a week or so in early 2009, I tried to find a theme song for every day. Most of the time it would just be one that was stuck in my head, or maybe one that I know would remind me of that particular day in the future. Obviously, this didn’t work ‘cos I’m lazy and that’s way too much effort and stuff. Instead, at the start of last year, I decided to make sure each month had a theme song, preferably one that reflected (either lyrically or musically) the 30ish days of my life at that point. With the year finished, I’m glad to say that I picked a good selection of songs to sum up the last twelve months.

July: Up in the Air - Kevin Renick
“And I can’t be precise when people ask me what I’m doing with my life.”
July was a fucking shit month. Many of my closest relationships were either ended or shifted drastically, and suddenly I only had about two friends. The whole confusion of the song was brilliant to listen to and just vent to.

--A Spanish site called "Antorcha Planet" has chosen their 10 Best Soundtracks of the year, and one of them is "Up in the Air." Kevin is one of the five artists they singled out. Here's a link to the English translation:

--Kevin has been in touch with German writer Uwe Alschner, who did an article in September about Up In The Air, both the movie and the song. We're not sure if this is something we posted before, so here is a direct link to the original German version of Uwe's piece. English translation should be available somewhere:

--On Dec. 23, Kevin and Gretchen Hewitt went to the recording studio of Rich Kruse to work on two songs for the second CD. It was a fun, productive session, the result being that "Annabelle R" is simply in need of a mixdown, and an emotive song probably called "All I Want Is..." might just need one or two minor tweaks and it's also ready to mix. A good start for the next album, for which more sessions are to be planned imminently...

--Those of you reading this, you won't want to miss the gig at the Way Out Club on Jan. 7 if you live in St. Louis. The rehearsals for this gig with Kevin, Ted, Ned Watson and drummer Andrea Spencer have been a blast, and at least two brand-new songs, "It's Gonna Be Hard Without You" and "No Second Dates," the latter the previously mentioned collaboration with Christa Juergens, will be premiered at this show.

--There are always new songs in the works, and one that is pretty much finished now has had its title changed from "All the Faces That I See" to simply "All the Faces." This one is influenced by the Stray Cats, somehow, and it's a smoky, sultry little tune about watching people in bars. It'll likely show up on a set list sometime in the next few months.

The January 2011 issue of Empire, the prominent UK film magazine, is out in Europe now; should hit newsstands in the U.S. shortly. Besides the article about Kevin which we alerted you about earlier, the magazine has also chosen "The Playlist of 2010," a selection of 18 of their favorite movie-related tracks. "Up in the Air" is their #5 choice, and you can read what they had to say here:

--Kevin has updated his oft-neglected blog and solved some of the technical problems that made it, well, oft neglected. Read the blog:

--A Romanian blog called "Looking for the summer" has a rambling philosophical entry for Dec. 17 and unexpectedly includes "Up in the Air" as the corresponding musical mood, complete with a link. This kind of thing is happening with impressive frequency:

--The Portuguese Mondo Cult magazine had a piece about Up in the Air that we hadn't come across before, written by Priscila Armani. It's a very positive assessment, and calls Kevin's song "one of the coolest songs of the movie." Thanks,'re kinda cool yourself! Here's a link to the English translation:

--Kevin continues to write new songs, and these go in all sorts of directions. Almost finished is a deeply contemplative song about the case of Jaycee Dugard, the young girl who was kidnapped at a bus stop in her neighborhood at the age of 11. Jaycee was missing for a full 18 years until she was miraculously found, now the mother of two daughters by the man who'd imprisoned her. This isn't your usual songfare, but then, these sorts of cases rarely have happy endings, and the fact that this one did is what inspired Kevin to write something about it. In a completely different vein, Kevin has almost finished a second collaboration with Christa Juergens, called "No Second Dates." This one is an out and out rocker, and Kevin hopes to work up a demo of it soon.

--In our previous update, we neglected to mention the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's murder (Dec. 8). It's painful to think about all the music Lennon would've gone onto create had some maniac not stopped his life short that December evening outside the Dakota. But Lennon's incredible legacy with The Beatles and beyond will live on; he was one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. Kevin performed "Imagine" and "How" at his recent shows to pay tribute to John. He also raves about the movie Nowhere Boy, the story of Lennon's rise from adolescent angst to the promising musician who meets a couple of local lads named Paul and George. The movie dramatizes the conflicting roles of his Aunt Mimi and real mom Julia in his life, and the acting is tremendous. Don't miss this one if you are interested in what shaped the life and art of one of our most important creative geniuses.

--Not sure if there will be enough news for another update before Christmas; if not, have a safe and happy holiday, everyone. Thank you for reading and caring about Kevin's journey!

--Kevin will play his last two shows of the year this weekend: a show with Ryan Kirby on Fri., Dec. 10 at the Stone Spiral Coffeehouse, and the final 2010 show at The Grove Deli with the full Kevin Renick and Friends lineup on Sat., Dec. 11 from 7-10 p.m. Gretchen Hewitt also performs at that event. See the Performances page for more details.

--Speaking of The Grove Deli, a historic show was recorded there on Sept. 11 last year, which captured the transitional moment when Kevin, Ned Watson and Kathy Pour realized that the stakes were about to get higher, thanks to "Up in the Air." The planned live CD from that event has been mixed down to a single disc, and will be available shortly. It's simply called "09/11/09 Live At The Grove Deli," and it's going to be sold for either $7, $9 or $11, whatever you want to pay. Partially inspired by the Radiohead "Pay what you want" concept, and partially by Kevin's lucky number of "7" and the 9/11 numbers. This recording will NOT be sold in stores, and there will be a very limited number of copies. Write us or stay tuned for more info...

--This past spring, Kevin wrote a song called "Christa Juergens, Etc." which is a name-dropping tune about various girls he had feelings for through the years, starting in junior high school. The tune was  inspired by an ethereal female named, yes, Christa Juergens, and Kevin was too shy to talk to her during those angst-ridden days. We'll let him sum up the recent events, however: "I decided I wanted Christa to know that she had inspired a song, so I went ahead and wrote to her, despite my trepidations. And rather delightfully, she has proven to be a charming, interested participant in the story--an inspiring new friend. She has a flair for evocative, one-line summations of complex circumstances, and this has inspired a new song, which I invited her to collaborate on. The working title is 'There For My Life.' I'm in a state of wonder over the whole thing." It may be a while before said tune is finished, but the fact it's happening at all is a stunner. The UITA road continues to pave its own way through all sorts of surreal landscapes...

--Sessions for the second CD are hopefully to get under way soon, and Kevin would like to hear from anyone who can offer free or inexpensive recording time. This second album is going to be a distinguished, high-profile project, so in return for comp recording time, you'll be part of a project that is going to make a memorable statement about life, loss and the importance of loving people while they are alive. Please get in touch if you have a recording studio or want to know more about this project.

--Kevin's appearance on KPLR Channel 11 on Nov. 19 was split into two segments: for the first one, he performed part of Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain." For the second, Kevin and Ted did most of Kevin's new song "Feeling My Way," and the Neil tribute was discussed. If you missed that segment, you can watch it here:,0,3865540.story

--The tribute show Nov. 21 went very well, and there was a nice crowd at Off Broadway. Kudos to Ryan at the venue for manning the sound; he did an excellent job, and Kevin's vocals came through loud and clear. All the artists performed unique Neil tunes, and the audience response was very enthusiastic. The hope is that this will become an annual event.

--For another week or so, you can listen to a streamed broadcast of Rob Levy's KDHX show from Nov. 17; Kevin was a guest on the last half hour of this two-hour program. He and Rob had fun joking and jousting on a variety of subjects, including Kevin's trip to Japan, the UITA experience and the Neil tribute.  Go here to listen:

--Don't miss Kevin, Ned Watson and Ted Moniak opening for Ryan Kirby and the Gravelmen at the Maya Cafe in Maplewood, MO, Saturday night, Nov. 27 at 8:30. The Maya Cafe has an eclectic, fascinating menu and perhaps the best margaritas in the county!

--Kevin is halfway through writing a new song, likely to be called "If I Had a Time Machine." He has also worked up a cover of a favorite old song by British group the Korgis, called "If I Had You," which will appear on upcoming set lists.

--A very safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you out there, from us here in Kevin-land. We love ya!

--Just days now till the 45 YEARS OF RAGGED GLORY: A TRIBUTE TO NEIL YOUNG show on Sunday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m.! You can call Off Broadway at 314/773-3363 or paste this URL into your browser, to purchase tickets: This event is gonna be a blast for all Neil Young fans! Be there; ain't no reason NOT to!

--Kevin will make an appearance tonight (Wednesday) on Rob Levy's "Juxtaposition" radio show on KDHX 88.1 FM. The segment should start around 8:30 p.m. or so; Kevin will talk about Neil Young and other matters of vital importance.

--Kevin Johnson of the Post-Dispatch has blogged about the Neil show here:

--Our old pal Joe Williams, also of the Post, mentions Kevin's show in his column here:

--LieslAnne Aldridge of Aldridge Booking has kindly included our Neil tribute show as a "Show to Catch" in her latest blog:  The Domino Kings and Brian Capps are among Aldridge's clients, both sensational performers. The original Domino Kings, in fact (Capps, Steve Newman and Les Gallier) will be opening for Big Smith at Off Broadway on Fri., Dec. 3. You don't want to miss that killer show, trust us!

--Kevin appeared on Fox 2 News Monday morning to talk about the Neil tribute and perform a snippet of a song. If you missed the segment, you can see it online here:

--It's been confirmed that an article about Kevin will appear in the January issue of Empire Magazine, one of the world's leading film magazines. This issue should appear on newsstands in early December.

--A terrific September blog written by Uwe Alschner of Germany shares his eloquent take on both the Up In The Air movie and song, and features an inaccurate but rather evocative translation of Kevin's song. This is definitely worth a read:

--The next Artropy event at the Sqwires Annex in Lafayette Square will take place on Thursday, Dec. 2, and will once again feature a set by Kevin, as well as music by another of Robynn Ragland's clients, Bella Kalei. Learn more about this unique arts and crafts show here; it's a good place to come and pick up some pretty special Christmas gifts!

--Well, it's gonna be Christmas soon and we're feeling generous. From now until mid-December, anyone ordering Kevin's debut CD, "Close To Something Beautiful," can get it for 20% off the usual $15 price! That means that a mere $12 gets you this unique and wondrous 13-song platter. Get it for yourself or for a pal that likes that "Up in the Air" song but hasn't downloaded it yet! Simply send $12 plus 1.50 postage to: Kevin Renick, P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131. You can also order it through Paypal by sending payment to: kevinrenickbusiness@gmail. com.

--November 12 is Neil Young's 65th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Young! Thank you for all the music, all the memories, and the enormous impact you've had on Kevin's life! We are officially paying tribute to you, not on the precise day of your birthday, but on SUNDAY, NOV. 21, instead. The venue is OFF BROADWAY, 3509 LEMP AVE. in south St. Louis. Show will start at 8 p.m. All you Neil fans out there, be sure to come to this grand event, which will feature Kevin, Dale Hanabarger, the duo known as Harmony (Jim Ford and Steve Galati), and the rockin' sound of The Blue Lemmings featuring Fred Friction! You'll hear acoustic and electric versions of numerous Neil classics. Here is a link to the event page on stltoday:   Don't miss this special tribute to the legendary Neil Young!

--Quite unexpectedly, Kevin was interviewed recently by Chris Hewitt of the internationally renowned film magazine EMPIRE, which is based in the UK. The mag is including Kevin's UITA story as part of their 2010 Review, which should appear in either the December or January issue. This is a great honor; Kevin has been reading Empire for close to 20 years! We'll let you know the exact issue the story appears in as soon as we find out.

--The Nov. 7 Songwriter's Showcase in Greenville ended up being held outdoors since the weather was nice, and the thinking was that more people might show up in such a setting (complete with haystacks and a refreshment booth), rather than in a dark movie theatre. Kevin, Annalise and Ted played an hour-long set, with Kevin debuting several songs live for the first time, including "How Did I Get So Lost," "Didja Ever," and "If We Can Keep Dancing." The "Greenville Gang" (Swamp Weiss, Craig Baumberger, Erin O'Toole and Dala Hanabarger) joined on that first song as well as on "Light A Candle" and a few others. It was a fun time!

--Kevin has completed a new song called "It's Gonna Be Hard Without You," which is in a country-style vein, and is halfway through a bluesy number probably to be called "The Transitional Blues" or something. He has also broached the subject of starting to record the next album with Dale Hanabarger in Greenville, and this seems likely to happen. Stay tuned.

--A student from the Philippines who is studying in California has posted a blog with the UITA lyrics on it. The number of bloggers who've done such a thing is amazing, and we thank all of you sincerely!

--It's mentioned elsewhere on this website that Kevin started writing a novel 5 or 6 years ago, before the unexpected musical adventure began. The working title of the story is Shaemon, and he's described it as a combination "supernatural horror/love story set in Wisconsin." Kevin's progress on the novel stalled when he lost a cassette tape featuring information vital to an early scene. Well, said tape surprisingly turned up recently (mislabeled), and this frees Kevin to return to working on the story, which he's quite excited about. He still has a few years to finish the novel and adapt it to a screenplay in time for Emmy Rossum to be old enough to play the main character, Sabine Kuhlmann, in the movie version. Hear that, Kevin? Better get crackin'!

--The interview Kevin did for Jack Montgomery in Bowling Green''s The Amplifier is now posted here:  Thanks for the generous amount of space, Jack--we appreciate that sort of thing!

--The Show Me Etsy folks have updated the information about the Artropy 2010 events on Nov. 4 and Dec. 2, both of which will feature Kevin playing at 8 p.m. in the Sqwires annex at Lafayette Square. These are fun events for lovers of arts & crafts and lively strollin' around; read more about them here:

--It's amazing that we can still find fresh blogs about UP IN THE AIR almost an entire year later, but that's the nature of movies--people keep discovering them at different times. Read the "Siliwet" blog (and the interesting reason behind that title) here:
And here's a March blog from "Marilyn" that you have to scroll down on to find the UITA content:

--Denise Castillon at Suite 101 wrote a nice UITA review that mentions that song; we apparently overlooked this one before. You can read it here:

--A website calling itself "World News" doesn't feature any new commentary about Kevin's music, but most of his videos are conveniently listed here, with their corresponding time durations. However, this site is bogged down with the inclusion of some seemingly pointless classroom videos from another "Kevin Renick" overseas somewhere, so try not to click on those. Look for the guy with the guitar in his hands; that's probably what you'll want to check out.

--Mark your calendars, Neil Young fans. The lineup is set for the big Neil tribute show at Off Broadway on Sunday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. Kevin will host and perform, along with Dale Hanabarger of Greenville, Illinois; The Blue Lemmings featuring Fred Friction; and the duo known as Harmony, consisting of Jim Ford and Steve Galati. You don't want to miss this show; it's gonna be awesome!

--Kevin and Jeff Viers have finished writing their first song together. The title is now "What's Gonna Change," and there may be a debut performance of the tune on either Dec. 11 or Jan. 7. Stay tuned!

--Kevin has been digging through folders and scattered bits of paper trying to find missing or near-finished songs. The results have been almost startling: a collaboration with Ted Moniak likely called "Sky Light" is being polished off, along with a song intended as a duet with a female singer (Annalise Raziq, this one has your name all over it) titled simply "In My Dream" and a much older song probably to be called "Sappy Love Song." Lots of buried treasures are evidently scattered through Kevin's disorganized files.

--A new YouTube video has been posted of Kevin performing the Monkees' "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone," featuring childhood friend Rick Haegg (whom he originally did the song with at the age of 10) and Ted Moniak, from the show at Lindberg's in Springfield, MO. Here's the link: //

--The shows in Bowling Green this past week went well; kudos to the amazing Jack Montgomery, a wonderful Kentucky musician himself, for setting up the gig at WKU's Java City Cafe and ensuring that the sound was pristine. Kevin's song "Feeling My Way" had a memorable premiere at this event, and Jack also conducted an interview with Kevin that should appear soon in Amplifier, a local publication. A few photos from the gig can be seen on Flickr here (but guys, the name is Renick, not Rennick):

--We've posted many links to the coverage of the UITA premiere in Japan; this one shows excerpts of the delightful Anna Kendrick talking about the movie during the Tokyo junket; Kevin's song plays behind her and he is shown briefly in a performance snippet:

--We can't help but get a little misty-eyed recalling that first awkward, innocent gig at The Grove Deli exactly two years ago. Friday, Oct. 15 was the two-year anniversary show, and a nice crowd showed up to mark the occasion. Several new songs were performed including "Go And Tell The Others," "Haunted By Her" and "Feeling My Way," and the response was strong. Ryan Kirby, rapidly growing into a fine local singer/songwriter, performed two stirring tunes during the break. We want to take this moment to personally thank Jason at the Grove Deli for continuing to support Kevin's ongoing musical endeavors, as well as previous owner Joe Blakemore, who provided the original launching pad. The Grove Deli has great food and a friendly, intimate vibe; stop in and check the place out when you're in the Webster Groves area.  Their website is:

--Kevin and a former high school chum named Jeff Viers have been meeting to discuss songwriting collaborations. They've apparently co-written a bluesy song which is tentatively titled "Something To Find." Jeff is an ace harmonica player, and this tune has a different flavor from Kevin's usual style. Look for it to turn up at some live show in the near future...just needs a bit of polishing.

--Gee, that's the only time we'll likely be typing THAT date for a news update! Kevin made a guest appearance at Gretchen Hewitt's show at the Grove Deli on Oct. 8. The two sang "Annabelle R," a song Kevin wrote about his mother which has never been performed live before. Gretchen is a wonderfully talented singer and songwriter whom Kevin plans to work with actively on his next CD. You can learn more about Gretchen's activities at She teaches music lessons, too!

--Budding college DJ Kalila "Kaylee" Holt played Kevin's song "About A Kiss" on her early morning show on WOBC at Oberlin University. Thanks so much, Kaylee! Here's a link to the playlist:

--The monthly Songwriter Showcase at the Globe Theater in Greenville, Illinois, will once again feature Kevin with Annalise Raziq on Sunday, Nov. 7 at 1 p.m. This program is an ideal forum for songwriters to showcase their creative wares, and founders Craig Baumberger and Erin O'Toole are working hard to make people more aware of the event. Greenville is little more than an hour's drive from St. Louis, and it's well worth making the trip to this pleasant, atmospheric little town to take in the show and the surroundings. Go to the Fiddleosophy MySpace site to learn more about the showcase:

--Kevin has completed several new songs. A brand-new one just finished on this historic 10-10-10 calendar date is called "Feeling My Way," and seems to be another Neil Young-style song. Also in the bag are "Haunted By Her" and a romantic waltz tune called "If We Can Keep Dancing." Kevin has also reworked an obscure older song called "Didja Ever" into a stronger, more lyrically solid piece which awaits only a band arrangement before it can be performed.

--Surely all of you have the lyrics to "Up in the Air" memorized by now, but in case you don't, here's a link to a simple YouTube video that features the soundtrack version of the song with a helpful scroll of the lyrics as you watch: //

--Young blogger "Marshall" did an interview with Kevin awhile back, and though we probably posted it here before, it keeps coming up prominently in web searches. Marshall is a big movie buff and a good guy, so we're posting the link to his interview again in case you missed it before:

--If you live in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area, Kevin and Ted will be performing there next week twice: at noon on Oct. 12 at the Java City Cafe, and at 6 p.m. at Greener Groundz. Check the "Upcoming Performances" page for details. And don't miss the two-year anniversary show of "Kevin Renick and Friends" at The Grove Deli in Webster Groves, from 7-10 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 15. Special thanks to multi-instrumentalist Ned Watson and Kathy Pour for being charter members of this unusual sonic adventure!

--Looks like the esteemed Off Broadway in south St. Louis will be the venue for Kevin's first official "Tribute to Neil Young" concert on Sunday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. This is going to be quite an extravaganza, celebrating Neil's 65th birthday that month. Guest artists besides Kevin and crew will likely include Dale Hanabarger, the Blue Lemmings and others; stay tuned for more details.

--Kevin opened for the original Domino Kings in Springfield, MO on Saturday night the 25th. A highlight of the show was the reunion with Rick Haegg, Kevin's first-ever musical colleague at the age of 10. The two hadn't seen each other in about 20 years or more, and they got onstage to sing the Monkees' "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" together, which they'd also done in Kevin's breezeway many years ago. A great time was had by all.

--A stellar wave of songwriting has been under way for a spell: Kevin has finished a long-evolving tune called "Hotel In My Heart," and is hard at work on two others he's excited about, one called "If We Can Keep Dancing" and another probably titled "Haunting Girl."

--Here's an overlooked web piece from Aug. 8, when a reader named Dave Miller responds to a rather interesting article about interesting movie end title segments. Dave writes an entire paragraph about the "Up in the Air" song in a flattering manner. Thanks, Dave!

--On a German website, Kevin's song finds itself among some interesting company on a song playlist with tunes by David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel, Nancy Sinatra, Eddie Vedder, George Harrison and more. You can see the list here, although there are typos and translation issues a-plenty:

--Maplewood venue The Wood proved to be a fantastic little venue Friday night, as Kevin played his longest gig ever with Ted and Annalise. Performed for the first time were "Talking To Myself," with a riotous call-and-response part, and "Let It Go," a song co-written by Lisa Goldstein. Dale Hanabarger from Greenville (doing the sound) guested on harmonica on "Heart of Gold" and Kevin's "Light A Candle." A notable highlight was a few people deciding to dance during the third set, especially on Kevin's songs "Promise Man" and "The Box It Comes In." First time that has happened at a Renick gig! The crowd was small but appreciative, and everyone hopes to play at The Wood again soon...

--It's a big day in the life of a band when they get their own PA system. After some careful planning, Kevin has reached that point and is now the proud co-owner of a Fender Passport 300 Pro sound system. It can be set up virtually anywhere and is remarkably compact.  Likely its first test run will either be in Bowling Green on Oct. 12 or at the Grove Deli for the band's two-year anniversary bash.

--A blogger named "Kyle" has a fascinating post about his life and how he relates to the character of Rickie from the E.M. Forster novel The Longest Journey. Unexpectedly, he then mentions "Up in the Air" and the Trapt song "Product of My Own Design" as songs relevant to his post and what he is going through now. Thanks for the creative shout-out, Kyle!

--Blogger "Esau" is a fan of UITA and has now mentioned it again, including our own acknowledgment of HIS acknowledgment. This is fun!

--Most people saw the CBS news segment on Kevin that aired late last December on Katie Couric's Evening News show. But we just ran across an edited transcript of that piece, so you might be interested in reading it here:

--The Time Out Japan website has a piece about UITA's opening there that we'd overlooked before. It's nice and mentions Kevin's song, but has a humorous error confusing Kevin's age with how long he worked at Momentum. Anyway, you can read the piece here:

--Here's a piece we overlooked before, the Showbiz Monkeys site announcing their "Golden Monkey Awards" on March 7 for Best of the Year. "Up in the Air" was one of their five nominations for Best Song. Thanks a bunch, guys! If only it hadn't been for that disqualification thing!

--We can't read it, because it's from Turkey and there's no translation provided. But we'll put it here anyway, because the bold headline has the names "Kevin Renick" and "Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young" in equal point size. That's honor enough!

--Speaking of Young, Mr. Neil Young is releasing his new album on Sept. 28. It's called Le Noise, and will feature most of the amazing new songs that Young performed on his tour this summer. Kevin caught Young's show in Louisville in June and was stunned at how Neil is still totally at the peak of his considerable powers. A Neil Young tribute show is in the planning stages as soon as Kevin can find the right venue.

--A German Last FM site lists all the fans who have downloaded or liked "Up in the Air." It's always fun to see stuff like this, and know that a song is reaching people out there somewhere:

--It's an exciting week in Renick-ville. Kevin celebrates his two-year anniversary as a working musician with two significant shows. First up is the Play:STL Festival on Thursday, Sept. 16. At the relatively new venue the Market Pub House on Delmar, starting at 10:30 p.m., Kevin (joined by Ted and Ned) will perform a 40-minute set of original tunes. Kevin Johnson of the Post-Dispatch wrote a preview of the Festival which will give you all the info you need if you care to attend, here:
The St. Louis Metromix site also has concrete information about the opening night of the festival (featuring Kevin's appearance), ticket prices, etc. right here:
The officially named "
PLAY:stl2010 Music Festival & Conference" is an annual event that draws interesting bands from around the country as well as select international acts, and executive director Laura Hamlett has worked tirelessly to make this a vibrant, cutting-edge festival. You should definitely attend if you care about the music scene here. Then on Friday, Sept. 17, Kevin and Ted will perform with old college chum Annalise Raziq for the first time at The Wood, in Maplewood. Raziq sings with a Chicago Americana band called Nobody Nobody Sent, and has a fantastic voice. Don't miss the opportunity to hear this trio make their debut! They'll play from 9-1, featuring lots of rare songs. For more info about The Wood:

--It's not every day that an Anglican priest posts a link to a song you've written, but then, the whole "Up in the Air" saga has been full of unique twists. Here's a link to David Herbert's UITA comments:

--The site has a cool "Indie on Film" list of songs that includes Kevin's little number. It's worth perusing this list, as UITA is in good company. Check it out here:

--Kevin has penned two new songs. One is just called "Rena," and is still being tinkered with. But the second is largely done, and is called "Go and Tell the Others." It was partially inspired by exhaustion over the recent political and religious debates regarding this Ground Zero mosque controversy, and partially by reflections on nature and friendship. Kevin hopes to debut the song at a future gig.

--People in many different countries have written to Kevin about "Up in the Air," but an email from Iran was a particular surprise. We can only give heartfelt thanks to "Rasam" for taking the time to listen, and to share his thoughts. They included these comments: "I heard your song in Up in the Air movie, and heard it 1000 times. Thank you so much for the beautiful lyrics. I am listening to music 5 hours a day almost, anything you think, and your song is one of my best. It was exactly about me."

--Hey trivia buffs, what was the first song Kevin ever wrote? Well, the Renick boy ain't quite famous enough yet for this to appear on a quiz, but the correct answer is "Best Days of My Life," a song Kevin wrote at the tender age of 10, when all he was truly capable of was lifting riffs from the Beatles and the Monkees. The song was inspired by a neighborhood crush named Kaaran Nienhaus. She's now Kaaran Webb, and Kevin has been able to share that fact with her all these years later due to a miraculous renewal of contact with old childhood friends from the 60s. Thanks in part to the whole UITA phenomenon, other names from the past surfacing recently have included Rick Haegg, Kim Caston and most surprisingly, Chip Turner, a kid Kevin played with when he was only or 7 or 8 years old and hasn't seen since. Says Kevin: "It's been absolutely astounding to be back in touch with most of the people I grew up with. I remember all of them fondly, and I'm grateful to whatever little bit of fame I've acquired now that has made these things possible."

--The Grove Deli show on Aug. 27 went quite well and had a good turnout. Chrissy Renick brought her enormous keyboard and equally big voice to the little venue, and really turned it on. This girl is gonna be a star! Kevin was pleased to see a fair number of new people in attendance, including an older couple who'd come specifically to hear "Up in the Air." Several songs made their live debut (earning a terrific response), including "A Stranger To Love," "I Might Want Out" and "Song of Longing," a campfire-style tune that numerous people commented favorably about.

--A blogger from India named Kritesh Madan has a post about the UITA song, with the full lyric included. Go to the link and then scroll way down to read his comments. We aren't keeping score of the exact number of countries where someone has blogged about Kevin's song, but India adds to the list, for sure.

--There exists a blue vinyl edition of the Up In The Air soundtrack, which Kevin is now the proud owner of. Ah, remember the days of vinyl, folks? Album cover art, lyric sheets that you could pore over, getting up to flip the record from side one to side two? Was it really that long ago?

--Sept. 12, 2008 was a historic day, for that's when Kevin made his performing debut at The Grove Deli, as part of a tribute to Neil Young that Jim Ford, husband of Kevin's cousin Nanette, had asked him to participate in. Since then, Jim has been performing with Steve Galati in a duo called Harmony. The group will launch their sophomore CD, Almost Always, at the Sheldon on Tues., Sept. 7. You can read  more about them at their website here:

--It's well-known that Neil Young is Kevin's musical hero and biggest influence. Neil will turn 65 this November 12, and Kevin is trying to put together a Neil Young tribute show sometime around that date. Apparently Neil has a new album called Twisted Road which may or may not be out by then. On a sad note, Ben Keith, the legendary lap steel guitarist who started working with Neil on Harvest and has probably appeared on more recordings with him than any other musician, passed away in late July at the age of 73. It's hard to imagine not seeing Ben's name in the credits of Neil's work anymore. You can read more about Ben and about Neil's many projects and activities on his unconventional web site, right here:

--A Canadian blogger named Hugh Lobb has assembled a "Hugging Love" mixtape that includes Kevin's "Up in the Air" song. Pretty flattering to be included on a compilation with artists such as Belle & Sebastian, The Ting Tings and Vampire Weekend! You can read Hugh's full selection here:

--A Japanese user named Sajidalvi has Kevin listed fairly high on his list of top artists, above Johnny Cash and Death Cab For Cutie, but below Kings of Leon, R.E.M., Sigur Ros and Coldplay. The guy has good taste! See his list here:

--Kevin has finished a new song that he really likes, called "A Heroine and a Friend." Lyrically, it draws on experiences with three of his closest female friends, but is particularly influenced by one of them, and Kevin hopes to surprise this person with an arrangement of the song shortly.

--Mark your calendar for Friday, Aug. 27, 7-10 p.m., when Kevin will do a set of all originals for the first time at the Grove Deli, 8144 Big Bend in Webster Groves, MO. You'll hear some songs Kevin rarely ever performs. Chrissy Renick opens.

--August 7th marks the exact one-year anniversary of the email Kevin received from music producer Randall Poster stating that Jason Reitman wanted to use Kevin's "Up in the Air" song in the movie. What a year! We'll let Kevin sum up his feelings regarding the past 12 months:
     "There's no way I ever could have imagined that my life would go in the direction it's taken due to Up In The Air. Thanks to Jason Reitman, I'm part of a major movie, I'm now a member of ASCAP, I got to go to Japan, and I've been able to play scores of gigs and really evolve as a musician and songwriter. I've met new people, had old friends and colleagues from every stage of my life get back in touch because they read something about me, and I recorded my first CD. Despite the tragedy of losing both my parents during this time, I am incredibly grateful to Jason, whom I can never thank enough, and to the movie for giving me a new direction and exciting new musical opportunities."
     If any of you reading this STILL haven't seen Up In The Air, you need to rent the DVD. There are scores of links on this very page to reviews of the film and oodles of comments about Kevin's song. The director's commentary on the DVD even talks about the song! UITA is an important and memorable film; don't pass it up! So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the UITA adventure that began on a computer screen one year ago. And now we move on, hopefully to other films, other projects and many adventures as yet unknown...

--Chrissy Renick is a young and talented St. Louis songwriter and keyboard player that Kevin met some months ago. No relation, but it's a curious coincidence that they share the same last name. The two met for coffee earlier this year to talk shop, and did a songwriting exercise that looks like it will actually produce a collaborative tune. It's called "City Streets," and Kevin recently got together with Chrissy again to hand over some extra lyrics, which are now in Chrissy's hands to finish. The goal is to hopefully have a song completed in time to perform it at The Grove Deli on Aug. 27, when Chrissy will open the show for Kevin, who plans a rare all-original solo show there. Chrissy will also open for Kevin and a full band at the Way Out Club on Aug. 22, a show that also features her brother Mike Renick. For more about Chrissy, check out her My Space page:

--The schedule for the fourth annual Play:STL Festival held in the Loop is now posted; you can check it out here: Kevin, accompanied by Ted Moniak and Ned Watson, will perform at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16 at the Market Pub House. The cover is $10, but you can get a wristband for the entire 4-day event for $20, and then admission is free to see any performer.

--Oh, those pesky unfinished songs! Kevin had a productive meeting with the talented Ryan Kirby last week, and one of the topics was the mystery of why some songs get finished right away, and others take forever or simply never DO get finished. Kevin reckons he has between 60 and 80 unfinished compositions right now, but he was driven yesterday to finish a couple that he deems important. One is called "Care of Mine," and he describes it as a "semi-rousing, Irish-tinted folk song about wanting to make sure you have someone in charge of your legacy after you die." Hmm, sounds interesting. The other song is an outright dirge about grief called "Waves of Sorrow," at least for now.

--We've posted a couple of links in the past about TV footage of Kevin's appearance in Japan, but here is a link that finally has all three of the segments done by Sankei, right next to each other, and they are clearly marked 1, 2 and 3 so you can watch them in order. These are fun excerpts from Kevin's TV interviews and one of the UITA performances in Tokyo from March. Click on the link (or paste in your browser, which is likely necessary with this one) and then scroll down to where it says "First came the miracle restructuring," which is the curious but not inaccurate title the Japanese applied to the story about Kevin:

--A very, very limited number of CDs have been pressed of Kevin's gig with Annalise Raziq at the Songwriter's Showcase in Greenville in May. These will never be sold commercially, but Kevin has a small number available right now for the low price of $10. If interested, send $10 plus 2.00 for shipping to Kevin at P.O. Box 31785, Des Peres, MO 63131.

--Kevin, Ned and Ted played a short set at Euclid Records in Webster Groves on July 30. The rain just before the show probably cut the attendance down, but it was a fun gig nonetheless. Here's a couple of photos from the proceedings:

--A man in India named Sid wrote a particularly beautiful email to express his appreciation of the "Up in the Air" song. It's worth printing it here, because it's so heartwarming to know people can be affected by one's creative work like this. Sid says: 
"I watched the movie ‘Up in the Air’ today and heard the song that you have so beautifully written, composed and given to the movie.
It completed the movie in many more ways than anything else could possibly have. As many have rightly said, it highlights the sense
of finding purpose in life. ‘Life’…it is such a funny word. So many ups and downs, so many heartaches and so many hopes, still. I hang on
to your song for now to find hope for myself, so it helps me stay ‘up in the air’.

Thank you, Sid...we are honored that the song touched you so much.

--Kevin traveled to Springfield, Missouri on July 27 to meet with director James Roberson. He got a "thumbs up" for the basic structure of the original song "Ballad of the American Farmer" for use in Roberson's documentary. A few lines may be tweaked, and the arrangement needs to be worked out, but if all goes well, the song should be gracing the movie soon, possibly with some incidental music derived from it also under consideration.

--Despite ongoing melancholy, Kevin's songwriting spree continues; two new songs were written in record time during the final days of July. One is a song directly inspired by listening to ZZ Top on the radio; it's a thumping rocker called "Prison of Dreams." The other is an introspective ballad with some sad-sounding chords, tentatively called "I Might Want Out."

--Even in Croatia, the movie Up In The Air got attention. Here's a link to the translation of an article there that mentions the songs:

--Okay, venue owners around the is a direct plea to you to consider booking "Kevin Renick and Friends" at your establishment. It's friendly, appealing music with variety and melodic strength. So if you are reading this, the answer is YES, the band would like to play there!

--July has been an extremely difficult month for the Renick family, with the legendary Annabelle Renick and patriarch Mark Renick Jr. now having moved on to the next realm. Kevin has been pouring his emotion and energy into rehearsals for upcoming gigs and some new songs, including "Song of Longing," "Talking To Myself," "The Road to 87" and a few still-being-written numbers that don't have titles yet. A finished new one called "The Ballad of Gerald Corlington," will be shared with director James Roberson soon when Kevin meets with him in Springfield to try get the director's approval of a song written for his film, "In the Interest of National Security."

--It's all but confirmed that Kevin Renick and Friends will be performing at the 4th annual Play: St. Louis festival to be held in the Loop area Sept. 17-19. Look for a listing here soon; we'll announce it when finalized.

--There are now FOUR 5-star reviews of Close To Something Beautiful at the CD Baby site. You can check them out here, and by all means, ORDER the CD if you don't have a copy yet!

--This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, one of the greatest novels ever written. Both the book and the movie were beloved by everyone in Kevin's family, and Kevin counts the latter as one of his favorite films of all time. Early in 2009, Kevin had the privilege of interviewing Mary Badham, who played Scout in the film, and his mother went along as a guest. Here is a link to the article Kevin wrote, published on Playback:STL's website:

--Here's a German blog that reviews five worthy film soundtracks, including (of course), Up in the Air:

--It's not often that Kevin expects to be paired with Elliot Smith in ANY context, or to be referred to as a "shiny object" along with him. But this Portuguese piece about "Up in the Air" does just that:

--Russian fans have alot to say about "Up in the Air" here:

--A terrific Italian review of the UITA soundtrack (a bit rough in the translation in spots) spends an entire paragraph discussing Kevin's song, and includes a quote from Jason Reitman:

--A flattering German review of UITA has a generous discussion of the music and uses the phrase "but still topped by Kevin Renick" when discussing the tunes by Dan Auerbach and Sad Brad Smith, also calling the use of the song "an absolute coup." Like, wow! Again, there are translation issues, to say the least, but you can follow the bulk of the discussion without too much trouble:

--There were SO many reviews of UITA around the world, that it would've been pointless to include them all on this site. But these three that we missed before are well worth taking note of. A site called "Ron's Popcorn Reviews" chose the film as Best of 2009, bar none:
Later in the same piece, Ron also chooses the UITA soundtrack as Best Compilation Soundtrack, "without a doubt" he says. Thanks, Ron! Next, an exceptionally intelligent blogger writes about UITA as a "Futurism opus" here:
Finally, we thank Darrel Manson from the Hollywood Jesus website for his strong UITA review which notes that "There is a small reward for those who stay around for the closing credits." We agree, Darrel...good of you to mention it:

--We're sad to report the death of Kevin's father, Mark A. Renick Jr., yesterday morning at Bethesda-Dilworth. He'd been struggling for quite a while from the effects of a stroke and a more recent respiratory infection. Mark was a well-liked man known for his interest in photography, nature, classical music and history. He was also an amazing carpenter and handyman. He passed away just three weeks shy of his 89th birthday. He'll be greatly missed.

--With no shows for a while after the successful Pieta Brown opening slot (which went very well, by the way, and kudos to the superb sound system and staff at the Old Rock House), Kevin has been finishing up some new songs and working out arrangements for others. Almost ready for their live closeup now are titles such as "The Love Store" (a Roxy Music meets the Stray Cats kinda thing), the melancholy "Out of Town" (a set of introspective lyrics Kevin seems fairly proud of), "On My Last Day" (an honest-to-God bluegrass song), "The Kaylee Song" (a warm tribute to Kaylee Holt, the uniquely gifted and vibrant offspring of Annalise Raziq who graduated from high school recently), and the rockin', upbeat "The Box It Comes In," which Kevin co-wrote with Ted. There is certainly no shortage of material to choose from for the upcoming August gigs!

--Two more blogs feature the lyrics to "Up in the Air" and the author's favorable comment. First up is Holly Gruntner's personal take:  You rule, Holly! Then, thanks to the wonders of Google Translate, you can check out the Chinese blog "Michelle's little corner of the world," which also digs the song:

--A last.FM user apparently in Japan has Kevin listed as one of his/her top artists for June for the song "Close To Something Beautiful." That's terrific...if only this sort of thing could be duplicated elsewhere! Maybe in time?

--The Kirkwood High School Class of '75 is holding their reunion this weekend, June 25-26. If conditions are right, Kevin will play a few songs there, including the spontaneously written new tune "High School Reunion." But there are pressing questions, such as, will Laura Tilley be there? (She unwittingly inspired an entire section of Kevin's autobiographical writing collection, SELF.) What about Lisa Wills? And how many of the guys will have beer bellies or gray hair? Ah, but there were so many wondrous memories from Kirkwood High, and Kevin wrote at least a dozen songs there, though none are on his current setlists.

--Despite coming down with a bad cold, Kevin did indeed make his debut in New York, with Ted Moniak, on June 6 at Bar On A. The small crowd was appreciative, and the venue's booker, Dee Dee, was especially gracious and kind, telling the duo they could definitely play there again. New York is filled with venues of all types, and the boys plan to return next year, for sure.

--Some years back, Kevin and Ted co-wrote a song about oil spills called "Black On Blue." With the unprecedented disaster in the Gulf, (dis)courtesy of BP, Kevin pulled this song out from the archives, added a couple of lines, spruced up the arrangement and made it part of the current song playlist. The song cries out for a YouTube video, and the boys are mapping out a strategy for this. They'd like to solicit help from any amateur videographers to make this come about. The video would be something simple and stark--Ted already has a pretty good idea. If you are a filmmaker/videographer and would be willing to work gratis on this project, please contact Kevin at or call 314/368-3637.

--Tonight is Kevin's first appearance opening for a national touring act, that being singer/songwriter Pieta Brown at the Old Rock House in St. Louis. Hope some of you will be able to attend this sure-to-be-interesting gig. Details here:

--The sea in a small folder of splim. No, that's not some weird reference to the oil spill, it's the apparent title of a Korean blog about the UITA soundtrack. In this poorly translated but flattering piece, Kevin is referred to as "the hero of the recording." Nice! You can read this blog here:

--Oh, that wacky, wacky internet. A Subaru advertising site of some sort, inexplicably contains a list of links to "Kevins," or accomplishments by various guys named Kevin. Thus, you get Kevin Costner on a solution to the oil spill, Kevin Smith's filmmaking, and of course, Kevin Renick singing UITA. Nothing new here, we just think this sort of juxtaposition weirdness should be noted:

--A low-key, casual performance of Kevin's version of "Up in the Air" from the Greenville show on May 9 is posted here:

--Last FM is a wonderful music site where fans can share what they are listening to and encourage other listeners to check out various artists. Here's a link to a Spanish sector of the site where lots of folks are listening to "Up in the Air" apparently. Gracias, you guys!

--The opportunity to perform outside St. Louis has been one of Kevin's hopes all along, and since he has been planning a trip to New York City for a while, his troops have been working on securing any kind of gig there for this June excursion. So, the good news is, a small establishment called Bar On A, located at 170 Avenue A at the corner of 11th and A, has said yes to a booking; it's scheduled for Sunday, June 6, from 6-8 p.m. The bad news is, most of Kevin's friends and associates won't be there, and it's not much advance notice for the New Yorkers in the area. Still, Kevin and Ted relish this opportunity to play in a brand new market and test their musical mettle. For more info about Bar on A:

--The ribald, distinctive drinking blog run by the one and only Al. K. Hall, has rerun the unforgettable interview with Kevin from February, featuring two photos of Kevin with Erin McGrane from his recent trip to Kansas City. If you didn't see this interview before, it's essential reading and pretty darn funny, so check it out:

--They love it in Portugal! Here's a review of the UITA soundtrack from there:

--There were tons of reviews of UITA around the world; many we linked here, many we didn't, depending on whether or not Kevin's song was mentioned. After 10 full months of coverage, this might be the last link to a UITA movie review that we include, because it's well written and because it does mention that song:

--The Greenville Advocate has published a wonderful writeup of the Mother's Day show in their May 13 edition. It's not available online, so we will feature a few quotes here for you:
     "Sunday, Renick's travels took him to Greenville, IL as he sat on The Globe Theatre stage, strumming a guitar and singing his original songs. They were a combination of touching, thoughtful tunes, with several of them having a mother theme. A few tugged at the heart as Renick told the audience about recently losing his mother and putting down some of his grieving feelings into words...There were also a few humorous songs thrown into the mix, including 'I'm Sorry' (sic). Appearing with Renick was Annalise Raziq, a Chicago-based singer and musician. She has been vocalist with the band Nobody Nobody Sent. The harmonies and solo singing of the two sounded very good. Raziq also contributed kazoo playing on 'I'm Sorry.'"
     "It will be fun to watch the career of Renick continue to rise. He is a very genuine person who has wonderful stories to tell through his songs. I hope he is able to return to Greenville and perform in the near future so more people get a chance to see and hear this gifted performer. While 'Up In The Air' has been a very big success, Renick still has his feet on the ground..."

--Kevin has been trying to make his CD, Close To Something Beautiful, available in as many places as practical...that now includes the two top independent record stores in St. Louis, Euclid Records and Vintage Vinyl. If you live in St. Louis, you can pick the disc up at one of these stores at a good price. Look in the "Local Music" section.

--A wonderful blog on the site is a virtual mini-community of fans who like UITA and Kevin's song. Go here to read all sorts of comments from fans and bloggers:

--The latest issue of Webster World, the Webster University publication, features a paragraph about Kevin's UITA adventure. Read it here:

--KDHX-FM radio in St. Louis has been playing "Read A Book," one of Kevin's songs from the CD. Special thanks to Fred Friction, Rob Levy and any of the other great DJs on the station who have taken notice of the disc. Support them by visiting and checking out their stellar programming!

--A video of Kevin and Annalise Raziq performing "The Sorry Song" at the Songwriter's Showcase in Greenville is now posted on YouTube. You can watch it here: //

--Some things are definitely worth noting here. Radio 1 in Czechoslovakia included "Up in the Air" on their playlist the week of March 16. Kevin was thrilled to find out his song shared airspace with cool artists like Hot Chip, Beck and U2! Here's the list for the show that night:

:: Playlist 16.3.2010
Bjelleklang - Rod Rod Vin
The Dodos - This is a Business
RE:JAZZ - People Hold On
Dick Dale and the Dell Tones - Misirlou
N.O.H.A. - Dejalo
Assalti Frontali and Zubz - Movement
Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble
Bent - To Be Loved
Bad Brothers - Love I never Had it so good
Hot Chip - One Life Stand
Gong Gong - Coline

Tunng - Hustle
Beth Orton - Shopping Trolley
Fiordmoss - Tigermy
Digit All Love - Po Co Sie Budza Pragnienia Szalone
The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone
Charlotte Gainsgourg - Master´s Hand
Chumbawamba - Wagner At The Opera
Eric Serra + Diva Dance - Aria from "Lucia di Lammermoor" (Fifth Element soundtrack)
Basta Fidel - Drunk in Bass
Andels - Hold On
Fun Lovin´Criminals - Mars
Outkast - Morris Brown
Jason Webley - Icarus

Amanda Palmer - Oasis
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
Parov Stelar - Coco
Sweet Trip - Misfortunes Are Cruel)
Robert Smith - Very Good Advice
Kevin Renick - Up In The Air
Beck - Everybody´s gotta Learn Sometimes
NIN - Burn
Tindersticks - She Rode Me Down
5Nizza - Ja s toboj
U2 - With or Without You

--Also in March, a blogger who writes a column titled "Girls Gone Child" had  nice things to say about the "Up in the Air' tune. Here's a link to her piece:

--Deep searching of Google always seems to turn up new reviews or blogs of UITA that have something to say about Kevin's song. Here's an article from Italy:

And here's a cool one from Hungary:

And yet another one from Portugal, where UITA was apparently released as "Love Without Scales." Hmm, scales? Anyway, they were sweet on the song.

--Kevin is always pleased to meet other musicians heading down the uncertain path towards self-realization, productivity, networking and artistic communication. Lots of very talented folks out there. Singer/songwriter Ryan Kirby crossed paths with Kevin at a workshop and impressed him tremendously. Ryan will join Kevin and friends at their show at The Grove Deli on May 28; he's worth taking note of, for sure.

--Life gets weird for Kevin at times. He apparently had a sleepless night a few evenings ago, got up in the wee hours, wrote a complete new song called "Damn! You're Beautiful!" that he describes as a lilting rocker with a textured chorus, and went right back to bed. No junk food consumed during this...

--The Songwriter's Showcase on Mother's Day that Kevin performed with Annalise Raziq was a big success. Kudos to Craig Baumberger and Erin O'Toole and their many helpers, for a well-run production and a terrific sound system that allowed Kevin to create the intimate bond with the audience that he always strives for. The set list included several songs Kevin decided to perform for the very first time, including "The Letters They Wrote" and the nostalgic narrative "The Horse on the Old Brown Card." The second half of the show featured Matt O'Toole, Erin's brother, who is an exceptionally gifted songwriter, and had a small but memorable role in Up In The Air. Kevin hopes to return for an encore Showcase someday soon.

--Kevin has now signed on the dotted line, so to speak, to write a closing song for the documentary film In The Interest of National Security. This hard-hitting look at the history of U.S. Agricultural policy is being directed by Springfield, MO-based filmmaker James Roberson. To learn more about the film, visit the website at

--It's always flattering when someone covers one of your songs, but the delicate, unique approach taken by the female Australian artist who performs as "Stray Thread" with her cover of "Up in the Air" is really something special. Check out her highly individual, achingly emotive YouTube performance here: //

--The Planet Vinyl blog has a short review of the UITA soundtrack here:

--We overlooked this review of UITA from March from the Hoopla website, which has favorable comments about both the film and the song:

--A partial transcript from one of the interviews Kevin did in Japan can be read here:

--Kevin has always been thrilled and flattered to receive emails from around the world from people sharing their responses to "Up in the Air." Deserving special mention is a memorable email from "Catherine" in South Africa. She writes:
"On Friday night I rented the movie "Up in the Air" and absolutely loved your song... I spent the next few hours writing down the lyrics and working on the chords on my beautiful Spanish guitar which I had bought in Madrid 30 years ago and had hardly played since. I spent the whole weekend practising the songs and drove my teenage boys crazy with my "Please listen to's so beautiful." I took my guitar to my friends tonight and sang the songs to them and they loved them and said "Hey we didn't even know you played guitar and could sing!"

Thank you for a beautiful song which really captured what I feel about myself right now.... I need to find work following my divorce but I am up in the air ( with choices everywhere... actually not too many options, if truth be told, in this economic climate. But you articulated my feelings and also rekindled my love for music.... and so thank you and good luck in your career and life."

--At last! The debut CD, Close To Something Beautiful, is available for purchase digitally or as a regular CD, from Order up, friends, and write us some positive reviews if you like what you hear! Just go here to order:

--Kevin was invited to the set of Wolfgang Lehmkuhl's upcoming short film Scratcher on May 2. Lehmkuhl had the idea of getting the film's star, renowned St. Louis musician Bob Reuter, together with Kevin for the possibility of the two artists collaborating on a song for the project. The freewheeling atmosphere at the south city location did indeed generate creative vibes, so Bob and Kevin began messing around with their guitars, and some productive things happened. Looks like there may be a Renick/Reuter composition in the works for this film, if Lehmkuhl likes the final result. For more about the director's work, here's a link to his site:

--A spree of mad energy has resulted in Kevin commencing work on 3 or 4 songs at the same time. Almost finished are new songs "I'm Gone" (a Dylan-esque narrative) and a somber yet lilting tune probably called "Out of Town." Still being developed: "You in Your Purple Dress" and a rousing song likely to be titled "Care of Mine."

--A Wikio page about the Up In The Air soundtrack features the lyrics to Kevin's song, and a whole batch of positive fan comments about the song. You can read them here:

--Wisconsin college student Kevin Mahoney wrote a nice review of "Up in the Air" that mentions Kevin's song; you can read it here:

--Numerous Asian bloggers have posted their thoughts about UITA, and while much is "lost in translation" in these essays, they are certainly worth reading. Here are a couple more of them, the first from Korea, the second from Japan:

--The first full band performance by Kevin Renick & Friends, featuring Ted Moniak on bass, Larry Perlmutter on drums, and Angelo Shaw on sax, took place at the Hwy 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen on April 23. It was a great success, and the restaurant was full. The band rocked madly, Kevin broke a record four guitar strings, and he also debuted a funky new song called "Promise Man" which went over very well. What fun!

--Sincere thanks go out to American Airlines and specifically the C.R. Smith Museum, who invited Kevin and sidekick Ted Moniak to play at their "Administrative Professionals Day" gathering in Dallas on April 21. Kevin wrote a special song just for this event, "Hats Off to the AA Administrative Pro." American Airlines has been a crucial, supportive part of the entire Up in the Air adventure.

--For those of you wishing to see Kevin and his special guest Annalise Raziq perform at the Songwriter's Showcase in Greenville, Illinois on May 9, here is a link to more information about the event, as well as a map to get there:
Kevin will do roughly an hour of original material, including a few Mother's Day-themed tunes. The event will apparently be recorded...stay tuned for details regarding that. Hope some of you can make it to this unique performance!

--Kaylee Holt wrote a wonderful blog about Kevin's CD, with a link to the song "Janey." You can read the blog here:

--A blog called "It's more than just an addiction," which appears to be coffee-centric, has some nice things to say about the "Up in the Air" song. Check it out:

--Look for an announcement next month about a special house party to be held sometime this summer at the home of Leslie Elpers, an energetic gal who has been an instrumental part of the KRAF adventure lately. In fact, Kevin wants the readership to know that he and the band are DEFINITELY available for private parties of all sorts, so get in touch if that's something you are interested in!

--Excerpts from one of the TV interviews Kevin did during his stay in Japan, have now appeared on the net and in several YouTube videos. Courtesy of SankeiUp, here are 3 segments you can watch:
(Part 1 of Sankei interview from Tokyo premiere)


(Part 2 of Sankei interview)


(Part 3 of Sankei interview)


--Time Out Japan has a piece about UITA, with a mention of Kevin's song:

--Here's a Chinese blog, apparently called "Sportsman's Flight Log," which covers UITA:

--It has been remarkable to see the way the "Up in the Air" song has moved people around the world, and bloggers often quote the entire lyric in their posts. Here are two such posts, with the first blogger speaking with particular enthusiasm about what the song means to him. Scroll down to the April 8 post to read his words:
And the other, from a blog titled "Chua Shuyi's Portfolio":

--Two years ago, Kevin collaborated with Canadian sound wizard John Sobocan on an ambient/spoken word project called "The Road to Olandra." The project was temporarily put aside when both artists had other things occupying their time, but recently John was in St. Louis to help tweak a few tracks and work on the cover art, which will likely be a photo taken by Kevin's father, Mark Renick Jr. Looks like this thing is just about finished now, and should see the light of day by the end of April. Watch this space for news of the release.

--Kevin says, and we quote, "My entire psyche was recalibrated after this amazing trip to Japan. The people were wonderful, the food was fantastic, and the vibe was one of continuing inspiration and wonder." He'll be blogging about it soon, he promises.

--The media coverage of the UITA premiere in Japan was intense, and there have been blogs and news items all over the web. This one features excerpts from Anna Kendrick's press conference, with Kevin's UITA song playing for part of it and a brief excerpt from Kevin's performance:

--Mr. Sany-ya blogs about UITA and Kevin's song here, but the translation is hit or miss, though charming. Fascinating to note that the movie's title in Japanese comes out to "Mileage, My Life."

--OK! Magazine has a March 16 entry about the premiere of the film in Tokyo, with pics of Anna Kendrick in her fetching blue frock, and one photo of Kevin performing his song:
--Here's another photo of Kevin from that same event (published in Life):

--Here's a Chinese blog that talks about UITA and Kevin's song:

--A guy named Lucas Gansmoe appears to have posted a Journalism class assignment online about UITA. It's pretty interesting, and does give a shout-out to Kevin's song. Worth reading:

--A North Dakota blogger named Marilyn shares her detailed thoughts about UITA in her "Brief Insights" blog, here:

--A Korean piece, with a problemmatical translation into English, has alot to say about the music in "Up in the Air." They seem to like Kevin's song, but...who can be sure? Read it here:

--Kevin wrote two or three new songs on this trip to Japan, one of which was a collaboration with Ted Moniak. The only one finished so far, however, is something he is calling "A New and Better Thing," and he will try singing it for the first time at the CD release gig this Friday, March 26, at the Grove Deli.

--Joe Williams did a nice preview of Kevin's CD release gig in his March 21 column for You can read it here:

--Kevin is off to Japan tomorrow, with sidekick Ted Moniak in tow, to help promote UITA in advance of its March 20 opening there. The junket will include performances of the song, radio and press interviews, free give-aways of a 5-song CTSB sampler Kevin prepared, and hopefully, lots of fun! Stay tuned for blog descriptions of the merriment.

--Joe Williams of the Post-Dispatch updates readers on the latest chapter of Kevin's remarkable journey.

--A very interesting blogger who writes as "RubyTwoShoes" has listed six songs that contain some of her favorite lyrical moments. Kevin is extremely flattered to be part of the list (with UITA), and the list includes Joni Mitchell, an all-time favorite, as well. Ruby...well, you GLOW, girl!

--The Spanish playlist linked here includes a bunch of cool songs, and is kind enough to refer to "Up in the Air," which makes the list, as "the perfect song to end a playlist."

--The DVD of UP IN THE AIR has been officially released, of course, generating yet another round of press reviews. All we want to know is, does Jason Reitman say anything about Kevin's song in his director's commentary? Anyone? Anyone?

--Kevin is working on a new song, tentatively titled "A Question For You." The refrain involves sliding way up the fretboard from an E minor, something the Kevster hasn't done in a song before.

--Kevin appeared on KSDK Channel 5 in St. Louis this morning on their 5:30-7:00 a.m. news broadcast as part of the post-Oscars coverage. Several segments were taped; you can view a couple of them here.

--A website called Showbiz Monkeys offers their own choices regarding "Best in Film for 2009." Their writers select their own nominees, then award a winner. Kevin was surprised to discover that "Up in the Air" was one of the five nominated songs, although "The Weary Kind" took the top honor. But still, that's awesome!

--The bloggers have really been kind to UITA overall. Here's another one, by blogger Susan Shuyler, devoting some attention to Kevin's song.

--Here's a Chinese website that discusses UITA and seems to have alot of enthusiastic words for Kevin's song, depending on how this translation strikes you.

--It can now be told officially: Kevin has been invited to come to Japan for a round of publicity preceding UP IN THE AIR's opening there on March 20. Kevin and versatile sidekick Ted Moniak will travel to Tokyo on March 13 and return to the states on March 18. They should come back with a heap of interesting stories, for sure!

--You'll all be tuned in to the Oscars this Sunday night, right? Although anything can happen, pundits are predicting that Up in the Air will win Jason Reitman an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, but probably nothing else. That's GO, Jason! And have a blast at the show and the parties after!

--A satisfying new mix of Kevin's song "About A Kiss" by R. Walt Vincent was approved, marking the completion of recording and mixing for Kevin's CD. The disc is now being mastered by Jack Petracek, and will be completely finished, except for packaging, by the end of next week. Get those pre-orders in, everyone!

--As expected, the feature story on Kevin written by Christian Schaeffer appears in the Feb. 24 issue of the Riverfront Times. It's a well-written, honest piece that gets the quotes right.

--Bob Kuban, legendary St. Louis musician, has written a story for the online Globe-Democrat comparing Kevin's "Up in the Air" story with the way Frankie Avalon ending up having a hit with "Venus." Hey, we love these sorts of comparisons, Bob...thank you, sir!

--We've noted previously how Japanese to English translations can garble and weird-up the story being translated. Here's an article about UITA that discusses Kevin, but have fun trying to figure out exactly what they were saying. We THINK it's flattering, but...we're just not sure!

--Here's a Polish review of UITA that devotes a paragraph to Kevin's song.

--Kevin met with artist and filmmaker James Roberson in Springfield on Feb. 24, to discuss the possibility of writing a song for his documentary In the Interest of National Security. The focus of the film is the history of farming and agribusiness in the U.S., and the meeting went well. Roberson has an informative and powerful angle on the topic and Kevin looks forward to working with him on the project.

--Okay...the official pre-order phase of the release of Kevin's debut CD, Close To Something Beautiful, has begun. The cover has been designed, the mixing has been completed, and the disc is at the mastering stage.  Here are the details: This is almost entirely a homegrown recording, containing 13 songs (12 originals and one cover), and the expense of producing it was considerable, especially for a guy who is still unemployed. Those of you with deeper pockets than some have the opportunity to assist Kevin in paying for the recording, mastering and packaging costs, and to then receive extra items as a special bonus. Here are the pre-order categories:

For those of generosity and means, you will receive a copy of the CD, a special DVD containing live performances of songs Kevin recorded at the Grove Deli, an additional DVD with unique videos of Kevin's songs "Close To Something Beautiful," "About A Kiss" and "Goodbye Typewriter" (or "Lost Time," if you prefer, from the YouTube video) that were filmed by Canadian artist John Sobocan, a complete set of autographed lyrics for the songs on the CD, an 8x10 autographed photo of Kevin, and a personal letter of thanks and sharing from Kevin.

You get a copy of the CD, the DVD described above with the three special videos filmed by John Sobocan, an autographed photo and a letter of thanks.

If you simply want the CTSB disc by itself, that's perfectly fine with us!

Each price includes all shipping costs domestically and to most foreign destinations, but please add $3 to countries in Asia, Africa or the Australian area. Please e-mail for shipping costs on multiple orders.

Thank you, everyone, for making this CD possible with your enthusiasm and support!  


--The weekly German magazine Die Zeit will be running a story on Kevin in their Zeit supplement on March 4. We'll post a link here if it ends up being online as well.

--The DVD and Blu-ray release of Up In The Air is officially set for March 9, two days after the Oscars.

--The UK publication The Mirror has a piece about the "10 things you need to know" about Up in the Air, and one of them is the story behind Kevin's song. Which surely everyone knows by now, right? Anyway, you can read it here.

--One of the best and most entertaining interviews with Kevin since the UITA adventure began appears in the humorous and irreverent "Drinking Blog: Diary-a of a Chronicle Drinker," the witty escapades of one Al K. Hall. Read it here:
A bonus element of this amazing piece is the world premiere of Kevin's song "All I Want Is...," the first song he's decided to share from the planned album about his mother, titled Our Mother's Place. Hey Al, that's some mix of ingredients you got on your site! We'll recommend the Bar None to everyone!

--The Riverfront Times story about Kevin is definitely schedule to appear in their Feb. 24th issue.

--There's a Swedish review of UITA that mentions Kevin's song. Oh, how we wish we could speak that lovely language! Read the review here:

--Anything translated from Japanese to English ends up sounding rather disjointed and stream of consciousness, but we can't resist including this link anyway, as it's kind of fun and it does mention Kevin's song:

--Last week, the Riverfront Times sent Christian Schaeffer, one of their most esteemed music writers, to interview Kevin. The resulting story should appear in next week's issue.

--The Nashville Songwriter's Association (NSAI) has invited Kevin to be a guest speaker at their St. Louis Workshop on March 8. This is truly a great opportunity to share stories and insights with fellow songwriters, and we'll share the highlights here soon as we can!

--Jackson Truax of the website has written a very positive and thorough review of the UP IN THE AIR soundtrack album. You can read it here:

--Austin Cinephile has a mixed review of the movie, but the writer, Daniel Metz, insists that viewers stay through the credits so they can hear Kevin's "beautiful little song." Thanks, Daniel...we second that suggestion!

--Now HERE'S something you don't see every day...a YouTube video showing you how to play one of Kevin's songs. Chris Moore, in a column called "The Laptop Sessions ," features his thoughts about the "Up in the Air" song, a transcription, and a video of him performing it. All very flattering, Chris, except for a minor problem. An E minor, to be exact. You've got the chord wrong at the end of the second line of every verse. It goes C, G, E minor, NOT C, G, C. We'll undoubtedly contact you about this soon, but thanks for the attention to the song...we're lovin' it!

--And now for the second drink-centric blog site to single out the "Up in the Air" song for praise...hmm, we sense an unspoken sort of kinship developing here in cyberspace. We love that closing comment, but doggone it, can't use it in our press kit because we need a name, sir. Any name at all!
--The Witness, a South African news site, has a review of UITA that mentions Kevin's song. The movie is clearing reaching the far corners of the world now, and Kevin is enjoying the resulting press ride![_id]=35149

--It's difficult to keep up with all the foreign reviews of UP IN THE AIR, and we're not sure how interested most of you are...but here are google translations of three reviews that single out Kevin's song for mention. These come, respectively, from Germany, Portugal and Italy:

--Mixing of Kevin's CD has been finished...but some last-minute work is being done on a couple of songs by Walt Vincent in L.A. We still hope the CD will be out by late February or early March, and we will be taking pre-orders here starting next week. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

--A charming California blogger named Kate has written about Kevin and the UITA song in her current blog. It's really unique, and you can read it here:

--Two more blogs that mention Kevin's song, this first one being some sort of drinker's blog or something. Hey, whatever take you have on things is fine with us, just keep talking about us!

--An Italian writer named Marco Conti talks about Kevin in his blog. The first link it the one in Italian, followed by the English translation:

--Here's a link to a German article (translated) that talks about UITA and Kevin's song:

--Congratulations to the UP IN THE AIR crew for garnering six Oscar nominations on Feb. 2. Those are for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Clooney), two for Best Supporting Actress (Vera Farmigan and Anna Kendrick), and Best Adapted Screenplay. Good luck, gang, on March 7!

--A few new videos have been posted on YouTube. There are two different versions of Kevin's new song "Goodbye, Typewriter"...a grainy b&w live version from the Wine Press, and a decent version filmed in Kevin's living room by John Sobocan. Both feature Ted Moniak. Here's the better link:
At the Wine Press show, which Kevin was invited to guest at by Harmony (Jim Ford and Steve Galati), Kevin sang lead on Neil Young's "Mr. Soul," and that performance can be seen here:

--Despite being ill, Kevin did some more mixing work with Mike Martin on the debut CD Friday night. It resulted in the completion of 8 tracks, with just 4 or 5 remaining to be mixed. The release of the CD is getting closer!

--Kevin's musical hero Neil Young has been honored this Grammy weekend with a star-studded tribute honoring Neil as MusiCares Person of the Year. You can read the AP story about Neil here:
Neil is quoted as saying, after looking at classy oldster Tony Bennett, "All right, I can do this. I'm going to keep on going, and I hope you do, too." Words to live by, even in tough times...

--Kevin will be speaking to an Associated Press reporter today about his UITA experience. This could result in a rather widespread blast of publicity, so it's a pretty exciting new development! Stay tuned for updates.

--The affable and upbeat blog "Marshall and the Movies" has a fresh interview with Kevin posted on their site. You can read it here:

--William Coffey, a movie buff, has posted his favorites in every 2009 category on Facebook. For Best Original Song, he lists:
1. “Take It All” by Marion Cotillard, Nine
2. “I Can See in Color” by Mary J. Blige, Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire
3. “The Weary Kind” by Ryan Bingham, Crazy Heart
4. “Friends on the Other Side” by Keith David, The Princess and the Frog
5. “Cinema Italiano” by Kate Hudson, Nine
6. “All is Love” by Karen O. & The Kids, Where the Wild Things Are
7. “You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” by Beth Rowley, An Education
8. “Almost There” by Anika Noni Rose, The Princess and the Frog
9. “Up in the Air” by Kevin Renick, Up in the Air
10. “Time for Miracles” by Adam Lambert, 2012
We appreciate being part of that list, Sir William. Thanks!

--Danny King has also blogged about songs from the year, discussing the plethora of "impressive original songs," including Kevin's. You can read his piece here:

--Beth von Behren, a former classmate of Kevin's from their days at Webster University, has written an "Opinion Shaper" column for the St. Louis Suburban Journals, with the title "The pursuit of creativity at mid-life." It's a nice little article with a slightly different take on Kevin's saga; you can read it here:

--Thanks to everyone who attended the standing-room-only crowd at The Grove Deli on the 22nd for the latest Kevin and Friends show. It was a fun evening with many new faces. It seems like a long time ago, fall of 2008 to be precise, that KRAF made their debut at this distinctive little Webster Groves eatery, and we're grateful to owner Jason Henry for allowing the musical merriment to continue there.

--Although Kevin's first CD is currently wrapping up, the opportunity to begin the second one, a tribute to Kevin's late mother tentatively titled Our Mother's Place, has presented itself thanks to writing colleague Philip Gounis and his engineer pal Rick Kruse. On Jan. 24, versions of two tracks were recorded at Rick's O'Fallon studio--"All I Want Is..." and "Annabelle R." Contributing mightily to the sessions were Gretchen Hewitt, Ted Moniak and John Sobocan.

--Now this is what we call progress. At long last, Kevin has made it to the incomparable website You can now purchase the song "Close to Something Beautiful" there, and additional recordings will be available soon. Help Kevin put gas in his car and keep on truckin' along by supporting his music through this site:

--Kevin has completed two brand-new songs for the new year. One was started last year and finished early this month; it's titled "Hold Me," and it's a jazz-flavored love song. But the first of Kevin's new songs to be entirely written in 2010 is called "Goodbye, Typewriter," and it's a whimsical ode to the passing of familiar devices thanks to technological progress. Listen for these songs at the upcoming gigs!

--Jim Ford is the husband of Kevin's cousin Nanette, and he is one-half of the singing folk duo Harmony, with Steve Galati the other half. Harmony performs around St. Louis regularly, and they invited Kevin and his pal Ted Moniak to sit in for part of their gig Saturday night, Jan. 23, at 8:30 at the Wine Press, near Lindell and Olive Blvd.  Come on down and check the group out; you can also learn more about them at their web site:

--A fine TV interview Kevin did with Holley Sinn and Jerome Ritchey of Studio 10 in Tampa Bay can now be viewed here:

--Two substantial bits of press in the U.K. have made Kevin smile recently. The first is a review of the UITA soundtrack in the British edition of Esquire that devotes a paragraph to Kevin's song, and the second is a nice review of the film that praises the song. Thanks, dear Brits!

--KUSA (9News) in Colorado posted this feature about Kevin on their website:

--A lengthy and positive review of UITA is posted on a fairly new website called "Celluloid Fun," and it has a couple of lines about the song. You can read it here:

--Occasionally in our regular Google scans of the net, a foreign article will appear about Kevin, and sometimes they are rather interesting, although you have to hit the "translate" link. Here's an Italian article that is worth checking out, although (to be expected), some parts are not quite clear:

--Another one of Kevin's recent satellite TV interviews, with "Don and Marty" of WJZ in Baltimore, is now posted. You can watch it here:

--Jess, Jess, you're the best/Jess, Jess, we're so impressed! We are fans of a blogger in Ontario by that name; she's a film production student in Windsor, and her blog is called "My Life Without Me." She says some very nice things about UITA and Kevin's song, and we thank her for that.

--Another blogger also gets our sincere thanks...Julia Steincross, you rule! She wrote about 5 "Songs the Academy probably won't recognize," including a nice paragraph about UITA. Read it here:

--And yet another shout-out to Steven Shomler, whose blog is entitled "My Westward Journey." He offers up some words of his own on the UITA saga here:

--Here's a review of the UITA film by "Haunted Flower" on the rottentomatoes website. It's a nice review, and it does mention the song favorably:

 --The "Getafilm" blogspot offers "alternative" and personal reviews of films that are fun to read. Here's the one for UITA, with a lively comments section after...well worth reading:

--We all know how intense Jason Reitman's media activity has been since the UITA journey got under way, and now he has made a short film called "Lost in the Air: the Jason Reitman Press Tour Simulator." Read about it here:

--Film Score Monthly is the leading source of information and commentary about the unique world of film music. In the current issue, Kevin's brother Kyle has written a piece about Kevin's journey from CSNY-lovin' wanna-be songwriter to feature film credit closer, or however you want to think about it. The publication is only available by subscription, but the cost is minimal, just $4.95, and it's well worth it. Subscribe or learn more about this interesting site here:

--As work winds down on Kevin's debut CD, it's worth saying a little bit about the most time-consuming, involved and yet deceptively simple song on the disc, called "Read a Book." Says Kevin, "It's essentially a tribute to the old-fashioned joy of reading actual books, and a plea to appreciate libraries, which some say are in danger of being phased out or radically changing. Although it will be viewed as a children's song, I intended it as a joyful celebration of what seems to me to be a lost art these days." The recording of this song took more hours than anything else on Kevin's features piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, a children's chorus and a tap dancer. Hopefully this will be a song that gets some attention, as it's definitely unique!

--Congratulations to Jason Reitman on his win for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes last night. We know, Jason, it would've been nice to nab that Best Picture prize, too, but nothing can stop that Avatar juggernaut, buddy. But hey, being recognized for your crisp writing with Sheldon Turner...that's some consolation, isn't it?

--Recording sessions for Kevin's debut CD are winding down; a talented local sax player named Angelo Shaw contributed his playing to two songs entitled "Hold Me" and "Read A Book" this week. A few songs still need work, but it should all wrap up by around next weekend, then the mixing will begin. A tentative release date of Feb. 12 has now been set, and we're all pretty darn excited! Watch for news in a few days on how you can pre-order the CD, and get special extras!

--Don't forget to watch the Golden Globes this Sunday evening, the 17th...with any luck, UP IN THE AIR
will win some awards!

--A reviewer in one of our fave Missouri towns, Springfield, has posted his assessment of UITA; read it here, along with a comment from Kevin's cousin Lisa:

--Another U.K. website has posted a short but favorable review of the soundtrack; jolly old England, we thank you once again:

--A travel website features an interesting assessment of the film from a traveler's perpective, along with numerous reader comments:

--The website is truly fascinating...they pose provocative questions and let various luminaries give their response. We draw your attention to the ultra-relevant query, "How has the internet changed the way you think?" One of Kevin's artistic heroes, Brian Eno, has some interesting things to say in his post; this is definitely worth reading:

--The MTV interview Kevin did with Larry Carroll is now posted on their site; you can read it here:

--Esau Kessler of the interesting and hard-to-summarize blog "UN" ( posted a nice little testimonial for the UITA song...we'll post it here since there is no direct link to the specific page:

» For those of you who have seen "Up In The Air"    If you missed this post about Kevin Renick, the song writer for the final song should definitely read the backstory.  Also, Mr.Renick took the time to email and express appreciation for my support. Best part; he said un.tumblr was “interesting” - haha! Fractals, post modernism and bits of late night conversations from the dashboard must seem insane!  Fact is his song is simple, heart warming, and truthful. It also holds a greater message for victims of the current economic catastrophy. Kudos to Jason Reitman for including it.
--Another blogger, who apparently calls his work the "Beardblog," liked UP IN THE AIR and posted a somewhat oblique rating for both it and Kevin's song. You'll need to scroll down once you go to his site, but it reveals that he liked the song well enough to include a link to the video from Nov. 14:

--Lots and lots about UP IN THE AIR can be found at this info site:

--The Central Ohio Film Critics have chosen UITA as the year's best. Here is their list of top 10 films of 2009:
Best Films
1. Up in the Air
2. Up
3. An Education
4. Fantastic Mr. Fox
5. Inglourious Basterds
6. The Hurt Locker
7. In the Loop
8. (500) Days of Summer
9. A Serious Man
10. A Single Man

Wow, can that date really be right? It's 2010? Seriously?

--Kevin did two interviews recently: one with Jeff Maxwell and Rick Shoemaker of radio station KFWB 980 in Los Angeles on Jan. 2, and one with Larry Carroll of MTV News on Jan. 5. We're not sure if the former is available to listen to online yet; check here to see:    The MTV segment should appear on their website this week.

--Kevin and Ned Watson returned to the studio to polish off two more songs last night. The basic recording for about 8 or 9 songs is complete; just a few more to go and we can start mixing the CD!

--Here's another great review of UITA that is kind enough to mention Kevin's song:

--A 5-star review can also be read here:

--Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly has written an interesting column about how the Best Picture category at this year's Oscar ceremony may come down to a race between UP IN THE AIR and AVATAR. Fascinating stuff; read it here:

--The Vancouver Critics nominations for the year's best have been posted and UITA leads the pack with five nominations (Film, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress and Adapted Screenplay).

--Tom Brook of the BBC has chosen his five best films of the year, which are: DISTRICT 9, LEBANON, PRECIOUS, AVATAR and at No. 1, UP IN THE AIR. Thanks, Tom!

--A slot opened up at Fred's Six Foot Under Club for the evening of Wed., Jan. 20 at 10 p.m. Kevin and Ned have grabbed it, and with luck they'll be joined by Ted Moniak again. So come on down to Fred's for some rough and tumble, soulful songmakin'!

--Empire is perhaps the most notable film magazine in the UK. One of their scribes, Danny Graydon, has reviewed the UP IN THE AIR soundtrack, and he nicely singles out Kevin's song. Here's the paragraph he wrote--thanks, Danny boy!

Up In The Air

Jason Reitman’s corporate-downsizing dramedy is bolstered by this effective selection of warm folk from the likes of Crosby, Stills & Nash, Dan Auerbach and Elliott Smith. Notably, Kevin Renick’s title track provides a perfect tone of wistful melancholy. Rolfe Kent’s score displays its quirky charms on two tracks, but is eclipsed by Charles Atlas’ instrumental Genova, which beautifully evokes the disconnectedness of constant air travel.
Reviewer: Danny Graydon

--St. Louis Magazine has a nice piece by Jordan Oakes about the experience of watching the St. Louis-lensed UITA at the city's most beautiful theatre, the Moolah. We especially like this sentence: "Renick seemed to psychically tune into the zeitgeist that made it possible for such a film to thrive in the first place." Anyway, read Jordan's article here.

--The fascinating blog "Cultural Learnings" has a particularly incisive piece about UITA which addresses both its strengths, and the possible reasons why many people are hating on it. Read here.

--The site not only likes UITA, they've picked it as their #13 film of the decade.

--More press love for UITA, with the first two of the following four reviews linked here calling it best film of the year.

--Awards season is fully under way, with the Golden Globes just around the corner (Jan. 17). Prognosticators are knocking themselves out prognosticating, but the consensus is that the battle for Best Picture will be waged between UITA, Avatar, The Hurt Locker and the comin' up from behind Tarantino flick Inglorious Basterds. Should be interesting to watch this one play out. Happy New Year, everyone!


--Q: What does Kevin's UITA song have in common with the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Well, you will just have to read this fascinating little essay by James Hirsen to find out.

--The Riverfront Times in St. Louis has a small update on Kevin's UITA saga.

--Joe Williams of the Post-Dispatch has chosen his Best Films of the Decade, but he also picks some celluloid highlights, and one of them gives a shout out to Kevin's saga. Thanks, were the first St. Louis journalist to draw attention to this story.

--The website gives an A+ grade to UITA. Read two different reviews of the film here:

--Good reviews are coming in from all over; here are some of the more interesting ones:

--The segment about Kevin on the CBS Evening News did indeed air last night, and it was a well-edited little piece. It can also be seen online now.;contentBody

--Emails have been coming in regularly due to the CBS News segment; lots of people wanted to say they like the song, or they were somehow touched by the story. We appreciate each and every one of you who has taken the time to contact us and let us know your reactions!

--A TV station in New Zealand, beautiful land of Lord of the Rings film locations, did their own story about Kevin's song, using the footage from the CBS interview. This is just utterly, utterly cool. Thank you, New Zealand! Hope to see you sometime!

--Some of you may not know that Randall Poster, a very respected and important name in film music, was the Music Producer for UP IN THE AIR. The sonicboomers website has a nice piece on Randall's recent soundtrack work, and it has a great bit on Kevin's song. Definitely read this story if you only have time to check out a few.

--Here's a stellar review of the film from New Orleans.

--The Canadian Press has posted their top 10 films of 2009, and UITA is definitely one of them. Here is what they wrote in its entirety:

“Up in the Air” – If you haven’t yet made it out to the theatre to see this one, consider yourself lucky – one of the year’s richest, most satisfying cinematic experiences awaits you. “Juno” director Jason Reitman has come of age with this funny, melancholic, bittersweet look at frequent flyer Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), a hatchet man who eschews lasting relationships in favour of life on the go. It’s Clooney at his disarming, vulnerable best, with formidable support from Vera Farmiga (“The Departed”) and Anna Kendrick (“Twilight”). For the firing scenes, Reitman enlisted the help of real-life laid-off employees. That master stroke is one of many reasons “Up in the Air” feels exquisitely of the moment and seems a slam dunk to clean up come Oscar time.

--This is likely the last news update till next week, so MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Eat, drink and hug all your loved ones! UP IN THE AIR's wide release is Christmas Day, so there should be lots of fresh reviews and articles on the way!

--95% of you will already know this, but in case you landed on this page accidentally, go to the home page and you'll see that you can now purchase downloads of Kevin's songs "Up in the Air" and "Close to Something Beautiful."

--After a bit of back and forth scheduling, it now appears that the CBS Evening News segment on Kevin will air tonight, Dec. 23. The show airs in St. Louis at 5:30 p.m. CST. Check your local listings. Kevin was interviewed by Jim Axelrod, and he thoroughly enjoyed this interview experience. The footage may include a visit to one of the recording studios where Kevin has been working on his CD.

--Here is yet another great review of UITA, from a site called "Associated Content." It quotes Kevin's song in discussing one of the movie's themes.

--Joe Williams of the Post-Dispatch has been good to us from the start...we appreciate it, Joe! Here's another piece he wrote on his blog; we love that last line!

--Total Film is one of the leading monthly film magazines in the U.K. A review of UITA appears in the new issue, and it's the first major British film review to specifically mention Kevin's song.

--Here's a fresh review of UITA by Kaitlin Perry at The Vista. It talks about the music and Kevin's song especially, at the end.

--Oh, that cheeky website! Sorry, we mean, which has a piece on the UITA soundtrack that asks, "Who knew midwestern rockers were in such high demand?" The secret is out, Neph Basedow, if that's your real name. Soon everyone will know...that obscure midwestern rockers are quietly plotting to revolutionize the music industry!

--The website has alot of outstanding articles about pop culture, with an edge sometimes missing from other magazines and websites. Here's a nice piece about UITA. 

--Joe Williams of the Post-Dispatch wrote a piece about the songs qualifying for an Oscar nomination, and he mentions that Kevin's song is not among them, sadly. Snub? Or just the way it is? Probably the latter, since rules are rules, whether we like 'em or not.  

--There's another interesting piece at the site, where the author blogs about "Mirth and Motivation" and has a few things to say about UITA and Kevin's song 

--KPLR 11 in St. Louis has a Dec. 16 piece on Jason Reitman and UITA's probably status as an Oscar front runner. Read it here

--A website called jobcon1 includes Kevin's performance of his song at the St. Louis premiere of UITA as "appropriate" to watch for job seekers. Interesting endorsement!  

--With all the hoopla over his new career as a songwriter, it could be easy to overlook the fact that Kevin still writes reviews himself, especially for Kevin has chosen his 10 Best CDs of 2009, and that piece should be posted on the Playback site within a week or so. Kevin's list is as follows:

The Flaming Lips: Embryonic
Wilco: Wilco (The Album)
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love: Feels, Feathers, Bog and Bees
Helvetia: Helvetia's Junk Shop
Fever Ray: Fever Ray
Sonic Youth: The Eternal
U2: No Line on the Horizon
Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs
Monsters of Folk: Monsters of Folk
Bat For Lashes: Two Suns

--Eclipse Magazine has a fantastic, A+ review of UP IN THE AIR
that is kind enough to single out Kevin's song for attention.

--The SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards were announced today, and following suit from other award organizations, nominations went to George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. Meanwhile, the Chicago Film Critics nominated UITA in 5 categories, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Critics already chose their winners for 2009, honoring UITA for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Screenplay. Their are so many awards organizations doing their thing right now that it's best to just keep checking regularly for the latest. But UITA is doing fine, that's for sure.

--Here are a couple more great reviews of UITA, the first from City News 
in Toronto, and the second from the disturbingly titled Geeks of Doom site.

--As much as we appreciate any attention given to Kevin's song, what's up with Matt Goldberg at the website writing an article about how Brad Smith's TWO songs from UITA are ineligible for Oscar contention? Uh,'s called fact checking? One song is, um, by Kevin Renick...

--Opinions differ as to how influential the Golden Globe Awards are, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association always makes their annual awards ceremony a lively, much talked about event. The latest Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, with UP IN THE AIR earning six nods: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress (for both Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga), Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. This most probably means that the Oscars will follow suit when their nominations are announced on Feb. 2.

--Kristopher Tapley over at the thoroughly entertaining website has chosen his best films of 2009. Although he gives top honors to the Coen Bros' A SERIOUS MAN, he picked UP IN THE AIR as his number two film. Here's his assessment:

Directed by Jason Reitman

Second-generation filmmaker Jason Reitman continued a stellar latter-decade start to his career in features with "Up in the Air"  a zeitgeist-engaging study of selfishness and connectivity. The film is at once a sophisticated character piece and a comedic star vehicle that works on Hollywood’s terms. In so many words, it is a miracle hybrid of art and commerce. But it is also a treatise on the steady decline of tangible human interaction, and as such, a socially relevant piece of cinema in entertainment’s clothing. It will define Reitman and his work forever.

--There's a nice review of UITA at the site, even though it mistakenly says that Kevin left his song on Jason Reitman's answering machine. Seriously, folks, how would Kevin have gotten Mr. Reitman's phone number last February? Anyway, read it here

--Kevin will head back into the recording studio today to work on two new-ish songs for his CD; the bigger news is that a major news organization may be following him, for a segment to air next week. Watch this space for details...

--Awards season is well under way, and you can find out what most of the major organizations are choosing for Best this or that by logging onto For the record, though, UITA has been chosen Best Picture of the Year by the Southeastern Film Critics Association, who also picked George Clooney as Best Actor and the UITA screenplay as Best Adapted Screenplay by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner. Those same three awards were given by the Indiana Film Critics. But while George Clooney also was honored for Best Actor by the prestigious New York Film Critics' Circle, UITA was otherwise passed over by that organization. The Los Angeles Film Critics awarded Reitman and Turner the Best Adapted Screenplay honor, but UITA as a film got the
runner-up prize (losing to The Hurt Locker). UITA also garnered eight nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, which you can check out here.

--It's always worth checking when you want to find out more about a new film; it's a great website. Right now, the user reviews of UP IN THE AIR are coming in thick and fast, and many of these fan-written essays are gems. Most are very positive about the film, and a couple even mention Kevin's song. Anyway, check some of these out if you have a few moments.

--The mighty Frank Rich of the New York Times has written a fantastic article about the relevance of UITA in these times. Read it here.

--KSDK Channel 5 interviewed Kevin about his reactions to UITA on Dec. 11. Although only a few of his comments aired, the complete segment can be viewed on KSDK's website here.

--Once upon a time in St. Louis, there were two daily newspapers. The one not called the Post-Dispatch was known as the Globe-Democrat. Ah, nostalgia. Anyway, there appears to be some web action for whoever is running the GD these days, and they cared enough to mention Kevin and his song in this particular posting.

--Radio station 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis interviewed Jason Reitman recently, and you can hear part of that interview here. Yes, he talks about the could he not?

--So many websites, so little time. This one is called "Deep in Sight," and it has a nice review of the film that mentions Kevin's song.

--Another video has been posted on YouTube, this time for a melancholy little song called "Go Ahead and Dream." The sound quality is not so great, but the video is notable for being almost certainly the last time Kevin will sing anything in front of the house where he grew up, the legendary 1050 Barry Court address. It has passed into the hands of new owners, but half of Kevin's memories adorn this property. Anyway, here's the link to that video.

--A site called Cut the Crap Movie Reviews has posted a nice review of UITA.

--UP IN THE AIR officially opens in St. Louis today, and it's a big event for this burgh. You can read Joe Williams' 4-star review of the movie here.

--Kevin has made his second appearance on the Huffington Post website, in a cool little "newbie artist" section. Read it here.

--Pete Timmerman of Playback:STL has interviewed Jason Reitman. Let's see, um, does he ask about that, um, song? Well, yeah! 

--The Jewish Light also talked to that Reitman fellow about this and that and certain songs in his film, etc. Oy!

--The website has a few paragraphs about the UITA soundtrack. Read what they had to say here.

--Eric D. Snider, of, has written an interesting article about the Oscar eligibility rules in the Original Song category, and how it affected both Brad Smith and Kevin. Read his piece here.

--The Independent Eye has a worthwhile piece titled "The Musical Coincidences of UP IN THE AIR," and it includes a paragraph about Kevin's story.

--Kevin gets a mention in a piece about recent soundtracks on Black Book Magazine's website.

--A review of UITA on the Film Monthly website by Matt Fagerholm ends with a sentence that is the sort of thing musicians and publicists just love, because they are perfect for bios and  press
releases. Great review, Matt...we sincerely thank you!

--The second of two videos that John Sobocan and Kevin filmed out at Busch Wildlife Area is now posted on YouTube. It's for a new song of Kevin's called "About a Kiss," and since this song may not be recorded for quite a while, this is your only way to hear it for the time being.

--Kevin and his friend John Sobocan went out to Busch Wildlife Area on Dec. 6 and John shot a video of Kevin singing his original song "Lost Time" at sunset. It's unadorned, but rather nice. You can watch it here.

--For those wanting to overdose on every review of the film they can read, the site is your drug. It assigns an overall score to a film based on the cumulative critical response, and also includes readers' scores at the bottom. Lively to peruse, so check out how UITA has fared here.

--Here's a very interesting New York Times feature
comparing the themes and insights of UITA to the Cameron Crowe film Jerry Maguire.

--Here's an interesting, if erroneous, bit on the "movie stinger" website about how the UITA song was chosen

--Thank you, Sean Daly! The St. Petersburg Times pop music critic officially becomes the first critic to weigh in with a specific review of the UITA soundtrack. It's included in a new article in which he discusses albums suitable for the "Season of the Airport." As a bonus, Brian Eno's Music For Airports is also included, which means that Kevin's first soundtrack is shared with CSNY, a big influence, and his first soundtrack review is shared with Brian Eno, the other big influence! Great piece, so check it out. 

--Avi Offer, a writer who blogs as "The NYC Movie Guru," is another of those tuned-in reviewers who bothers to mention the music. He said the following at the end of his positive UP IN THE AIR review:

"At a running time of 1 hour and 49 minutes, Up in the Air manages to be smart, quietly moving and funny with charismatic, lively performances and a witty screenplay. Be sure to stick around through the end credits to listen to the beautiful title song written by an unemployed musician, Kevin Renick."

--An iTunes customer posted something nice about the UITA soundtrack. What the regular people say out there is just as important as any critic, and it's much appreciated. Anyway, here's that posting:

...wonderful...  (by rainysanctuary)  "Saw the film back in September when it played at Telluride and was wonderfully entertained & touched. Jason Reitman has a way with telling stories and the same goes for his choices in music for his films. Great selection of songs, both well-known as well as the soon-to-be-known, Kevin Renick's "Up in the Air" and Sad Brad Smith's "Help Yourself", especially, are treasures. Worth the money and so is the movie. Seamless filmmaking and an unparalleled performance by George Clooney."

--A site called Pegasus News has a particularly enthusiastic review of UITA that singles out Kevin's song for special mention at the end. Love that "lemonade" comment! 

--The Dec. 4 issue of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, a publication edited by Kevin's old journalism teacher Don Corrigan, has a feature story on Kevin. Check it out online here.

--The Associated Press is spreading the Washington Post interview
around the net, apparently, and here's a particular visually pleasing version of Jen Chaney's nice piece, on the site, which went to the trouble to use Bryan Sutter's recent pic of Kevin from the Vintage Vinyl event. --Yet another great review in Chicago Now.

--And another rave,
this time in the all-important, very influential Los Angeles Times.

--Kevin's song has already been played a few times on KDHX in St. Louis. Thanks to the cool DJ's over there for their unstoppable awesomeness!  Check out their programming at

--It finally happened. On Dec. 4, 2009. Direct communication between Sad Brad Smith 
and Kevin Renick, the two songwriters who contributed original tunes to UITA. It was only a MySpace exchange, but kudos and plans to eventually meet up were made. These two are ridin' one hell of a wave together, for sure...

--Big news, as the Awards season kicks off with the National Board of Review's picks for the year's best. 
The NBR has chosen UP IN THE AIR as Best Film of the Year, George Clooney tied with Morgan Freeman for Best Actor, and Anna Kendrick won Best Supporting Actress. Will this be a trend? Should be very interesting to follow what other award-giving organizations do......

--NPR featured a nice interview with Jason Reitman on the Fresh Air program yesterday. Yes, he was asked about "that song" again, at the very end of the program. You can listen 
to the interview here.

--You can watch Kevin's appearance
on the Great Day St. Louis show yesterday on their website.

--The esteemed Washington Post has two nice pieces about UITA in their Dec. 3 edition and online. One article is an interview with Reitman
, with a quote from Kevin included; the other article is an interview with Kevin (marking Kevin's first official national interview in conjunction with the movie), with a quote from Reitman included.

--Yet another interview with Reitman with yet another question about the song
 (how many times can the poor guy say essentially the same thing?). It's all part of the promotion racket, though.

--Great review 
of UITA from the University of Washington.

--The in-store at Vintage Vinyl
last night was a success; the store sold many copies of the UITA soundtrack, which was finally released today, and Kevin was overwhelmed to see people from his past show up for the event, as well as new fans wanting him to sign flyers and CDs.

--There's a website called Hollywood Jesus, and they have an interview
with Jason Reitman, where he talks again about Kevin's song, this time referring to the chatter about Oscar nominations.

--You wouldn't expect a finacial blog
to single out Kevin's song for attention, would you? But Jay MacDonald's column for does just that.

--Screen Crave reviews UITA
and alludes to Kevin's song as an example of something good that can happen when you lose your job.

--A few more rave reviews of UP IN THE AIR can be read at these links:

--Kevin has now made his official first appearance in the All Music Guide, an online guide to just about every recording in existence. The paragraph about the Up in the Air soundtrack describes Kevin's song
as "quite moving."

--Clips from the UITA soundtrack are now playing at the movie's official web site, including a snippet of Kevin's song.

--Some readers may not be familiar with
, a site that helpfully gathers all the videos on a given topic. There are dozens of links to videos about UITA and interviews with the stars. A video that might be of particular interest here is a press conference from the recent London Film Festival that featured Jason Reitman, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. In the last minute or so of this segment, a journalist asks Reitman about Kevin's song, and you can hear his detailed reply.

--The site "pop culture nerd" has another positive review
of the film; they just keep coming!

--Yet another great review of UITA from Cinema Blend


--The date has changed for Kevin's appearance on the KMOV show Great Day St. Louis. Instead of Nov. 30, Kevin will now appear on the Wed., Dec. 2 show, at 10:00 a.m. on Channel 4.

--The Fox 2 News segment on Kevin is now posted on their website.

--The December issue of GQ has a fantastic review
of UP IN THE AIR calling it "The movie of the year, the movie of the moment." Check it out.

--The Washington University newspaper Student Life has a feature story
on Jason Reitman, with a mention of the song.

--Kevin was surprised to find his song mentioned on a local hip hop website called
. He had this to say about the unique notice:

"Man I think it's cool to be on this site/It sparked my interest, and it's dyno-mite/Dude should be rockin' with every mention/Cause it's harder than #*%@ to get a mutha's attention/Breakin' down borders is da truest funk/Cause when ya shut out yo neighbors, bro, your 'tude is just bunk."

--In yet another example of the awesome weirdness of the net, the website features a direct link to Kevin's Nov. 9 segment on KSDK
. But hey, why shouldn't good Thai girls everywhere have the same chance to discover Kevin's music as anyone else?

--Kevin will appear on Fox 2 News in the Morning, this Friday (Nov. 20) at about 7:15 or so, with guitar in hand.

--A live performance of "Think Twice About It" from the gig at the Iron Barley on Nov. 6 is posted here

--Some photos from the Saturday evening UITA premiere are posted here, including nice ones of Kevin and Jason Reitman.

--Kevin has been in the studio several times with Mike Martin to record tracks for his debut CD. Getting the disc out by Christmas or shortly after is still the goal.

--Kevin's performance of "Up in the Air" at the premiere Saturday night has been posted on YouTube. Watch it here

--Jason Reitman had a few nice things to say about Kevin's song before the screening; go here to listen to his comments
about this and other UITA things.

--There's a photo
of Kevin from Saturday night's "red carpet" posted on the KMOX website.

--The Wikipedia entry
for UP IN THE AIR is packed with information and links to reviews and articles. One paragraph is devoted to the music, and Kevin's song is mentioned.

--Reporters from the various local television stations interviewed Kevin on the "Red Carpet" for the premiere of UP IN THE AIR last night at the Tivoli theatre. Here is a link to the Fox 2 News story
about this memorable evening, with an excerpt from Kevin's performance.

--The nice story
written by Joe Williams about Kevin's lucky break is now online and was fittingly printed in the Fri. the 13th edition of the Post-Dispatch.

--Mark Reardon's interview with Kevin on KMOX Friday afternoon can be heard here.

--Kevin has this to say about the movie, after seeing it twice:

UP IN THE AIR is simply an amazing movie in every way. It hits hard on the subject of downsizing and job loss, but it finds a surprising balance between laughs and witty dialogue in the first half, and genuine poignancy in the latter half, when its relationship themes become more prominent. The film is thoroughly moves along at a nice clip and the performances by George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and young actress Anna Kendrick, are unforgettable. Visually, the film is also striking, with its aerial views of cities and landscapes, and well-lit interiors. I've seen it twice now, and both times the movie captivated me. It resonates on so many different levels, and really makes you think about life, not only with the current economic conditions in America, but just in a general philosophical way about the need for relationships in our lives and the sense of purpose we're all searching for. It's just a great, compelling movie, and I am so proud to have my song in such a worthwhile modern film.

--Kevin will be on KMOX Radio
(1120 am) from 4:20 - 4:30 p.m. on Friday the 13th. He'll discuss the song, and an excerpt will be played.

--A very nice article written by Jason Green of Playback:STL
has been posted. You can read it here.

--At long last, the St. Louis International Film Festival
begins, with the special benefit screening of UP IN THE AIR scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14. Kevin and Friends, with guest Ted Moniak, will play a short set before the film. And a Q&A with Jason Reitman, conducted by Joe Williams of the Post, will follow. That should be amazing, for those lucky enough to have tickets. Kevin will post his thoughts about the movie sometime this Sunday.

--The interview Kevin did
with Rob Levy and the performance of UITA are posted on Rob's Facebook site.

--A new song of Kevin's called "When You Meet Someone New" is posted on YouTube here. (the performance itself is an acoustic one done at Kevin's house with Ted Moniak, but the visuals are just static scenes edited by John Sobocan)

--Christina Warren of the AMC Entertainment website posted a short piece about the Oscar disqualifications
of Kevin and Brad Smith.

--KSDK's cover story on Kevin aired last night as planned, and will repeat several times, including on Wed., Nov. 11 during the Noon news hour. It can also be viewed on the net here:

--A new YouTube video
has been posted of Kevin and Ted Moniak playing a simple acoustic version of Kevin's song "Close to Something Beautiful," which will be the title of Kevin's upcoming CD. It was shot with an HD camera so it looks nice.

--The great Joe Williams of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch updated readers on the crazy Oscar disqualification in his
latest blog.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch is set to run a story about Kevin's amazing luck with the UITA song in their Friday the 13th edition this week.

--The St. Petersburg Times in Florida posted an interview with Jason Reitman, and he talks about 
Kevin's song and the circumstances behind its appearance in the film. has a piece on their site about the film, again mentioning Kevin's song.

--KPLR Channel 11's short interview with Kevin and his friend Ted Moniak aired on the Noon news on Nov. 6; it can be seen on YouTube

--Paramount Pictures posted a news release about the
UITA soundtrack, and yes, it mentions the title song.

--Yet another piece of writing at about the Oscar situation, this one stating that Sad Brad Smith's "Help Yourself" song is also not eligible to be nominated. So Kris Tapley mentions Kevin's song again with regard to this whole matter.  

--Kevin's interview with Sonya Potter from Channel 5 now has a scheduled airdate. The segment will air on Monday, Nov. 9, at 10 p.m.

--It's been quite a wait for details about the official UP IN THE AIR soundtrack album, but it is now listed on several websites, including The release date is December 1. And the first piece of writing specifically on the soundtrack is on featured on What a kick for Kevin to appear on an album with Crosby, Stills & Nash, one of the most influential groups in his musical life!

--At the London Film Festival, during a press conference with Jason Reitman after a screening of the film, a reporter asked Reitman about Kevin's song. Part of his answer:  "It’s an authentic song... I guess my feeling was that we’re in the middle of one of the worst recessions on record in America and about a million people have lost their jobs in the last year. But we really don’t experience who these people are, they’re often just numbers on newspapers, percentages. And here was a guy who was able to sing very authentically about how he felt and I thought what a better tribute than to end the movie..." Sounds like this was a slightly inaccurate translation from a foreign reporter, perhaps.

--The KMOX website has posted a story about Kevin's song with a short sample. Check it out

--Although "Up in the Air" is not eligible for an Oscar nomination according to most pundi
ts, the website has listed it two weeks in a row as one of five likely nominees:

(Original Song)


Naturally, this is a terrific honor even if it would take a miracle to alter the stated Oscar eligibility rules. And a different section of the site has now demoted Kevin's song from "Also in play" to "Other possibilities".

--Brett Blume of KMOX Radio interviewed Kevin about the Up In The Air phenomenon. The segment will air on KMOX 1120 Monday morning, Oct. 19, between 5 and 9 a.m. A clip from the "Up in the Air" song will be played.

--Two more news items of note. A great piece about Kevin's song and the Oscar controversy, by Alex Billington at the website.

*Note that this generated an interesting comment thread.

--On Sunday, no less a person than Mayor Slay of St. Louis mentioned Kevin's song! Here's the full posting:

I have spoken about “Up in the Air” several times recently – and quite a lot when the crew was filming in St. Louis. The movie is getting very strong reviews from critics and audiences at the film festivals at which it has been shown – and we’ll have our own chance to preview it during this year’s St. Louis International Film Festival.

Over the past several days, “Up in the Air” has been mentioned quite a lot in the blogosphere – though, the news falls into the “too bad” category. The film’s title track, written by a St. Louis musician, will not be eligible for Academy Award consideration, because (say industry bloggers) it was not written specifically for the movie (the musician handed a copy of the song to director Jason Reitman after a Webster U event) and because it plays during the second half of the credits, instead of the first half (rules, rules, rules).

I suspect, though, that most St. Louis audiences will hear Kevin Renick’s song, because we’ll be watching for our neighbors throughout the fine print of the closing credits.

--The full itinerary for the St. Louis International Film Festival has been announced, and yes, UP IN THE AIR will indeed be screening on Sat., Nov. 14, at 7:00 p.m. It's a benefit screening, and director Jason Reitman will be there. Tickets are $25, and the show will likely sell out quickly. Kevin will be performing a half-hour set at the Tivoli Theatre before the show.

--An interesting news day! Steve Pond's article about Kevin not being eligible for an Oscar, prompted Joe Williams of the Post-Dispatch to write about it in
his blog. Joe has been supportive from the start, and it is much appreciated.

--Randall Roberts, an accomplished writer and former colleague of Kevin's at the Riverfront Times, attended a screening of Up in the Air, and here's a link to his comments, which also mentions Kevin's song.

--On a website called "The Odds," writer Steve Pond talks specifically about the songs in UP IN THE AIR, and he discusses Kevin's song, although he says there are reasons why it'll be disqualified from Oscar consideration. But...he does talk about it! Read his comments

--Strategy meeting with his manager led to the decision to work towards releasing a 6-song EP in  November, rather than a full CD. Songs were selected, and one of them, "Read a Book," will feature Gretchen Hewitt on piano and several children from Keysor Elementary School.

October issue of Sauce magazine features a short article about Kevin's song and the band's upcoming anniversary show on Oct. 23.

--Kevin received an offer from 
Robynn Ragland to be his manager/attorney; offer was informally accepted and a contract was drawn up.  Robynn's years in the industry as both a successful singer/songwriter herself and an attorney and networker with a fantastic base of contacts, should prove invaluable.

--Rhino Records put forth an offer to include "Up in the Air" on the official UITA soundtrack, scheduled for a Nov. 3 release. Offer accepted.

--Annie Zaleski of The Riverfront Times gave props to Kevin for his UITA song. Check it out

Guy Lodge of listed Kevin's "Up in the Air" song as one of three likely nominees for Best Original Song.
Click here to read the article.

--An Oscar prediction website,, lists Kevin's  song "Up in the Air" as being "In Play" in the Best Original Song category for next year's Awards ceremony.

--On Sept. 15, Kevin was interviewed by Sonya Potter of KSDK Channel 5. The interview should run in the next week or two; stay tuned for official details.

--A video has been posted on YouTube of Kevin's original song "The Woods Around That House." Click 
here to listen.

--Joe Williams of the Post-Dispatch wrote about Kevin's song in
his blog

Folks lined up for two hours on a rainy Telluride Saturday to get into Up in the Air. Hundreds were turned away. Writer-director Jason Reitman (and obsessive airline mile collector) played the crowd like a pro, hoping that the movie would live up to their expectations. He didn’t need to worry. The director, who debuted Juno here two years ago at the same theater, delivers a winner. Loosely based on Walter Kirn’s novel, Reitman’s updated movie, which he started working on six years ago, has become, with the economic downturn, far more timely. It’s a witty, charming and moving exploration of a world we all recognize.

It’s about the loneliness of a long-distance air traveler—a commitment-phobe not unlike George Clooney, who decided to stare that aspect of himself in the face, Reitman said after the film. “To know me is to fly with me,” says Ryan Bingham, who wings around the country to gently but sternly deliver lay-off news that bosses are too chicken to do on their own.

The movie reveals where we are now. The opening credits set the tone, as a zingy cover of “This land was made for you and me” accompanies a montage of fly-over spots. Bingham starts up a flirtation with a fellow-traveler (Vera Farmiga) as they slap down rival credit cards and compare flier miles and mile high club banter. He wants to break the 10 million miles mark—in the past year he spent 43 days at home. The rest he was on the road. She seems to be his perfect match.

But times are changing and Ryan’s air-travel miles are endangered when his job as a downsizer no longer requires flying: they will give the news via video conferencing instead. Young corp exec Anna Kendrick (Rocket Science) shadows Ryan on the road as he attempts to show her the more human face of delivering bad news. The movie reveals the gap between the tech-savvy younger generation and their elders. At one point Kendrick is on the phone with her boyfriend and says, “I don’t even think of him that way, he’s old.” Clooney does a double take in the mirror. She later tells him he’s in a “cocoon of self-banishment.” Looking lean, fit and grey, Clooney opens up here, moving from cockily confident “I am a rock” status to yearning vulnerability.

The movie does not offer easy solutions. Reitman interviews 25 real people who lost their jobs, who are genuinely moving. Over the closing credits he uses a song about job loss given to him by 50-ish Kevin Renick during filming on audiotape. “I like to ask questions with my movies,” Reitman said at the Q & A. “This is the most personal movie I’ve made and could be the most personal movie I’ll ever make.”

Award season beckons. This one is in the hunt.

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